Saturday, August 14, 2010

36 Weeks and Introducing Dean Schmalbach!

What a day!!! Last night Smalls and Heather had their new baby, a BOY! Dean Tyler Schmalbach. She was scheduled for a C-section in two weeks, her 39th week, so he came early. I am over the moon with happiness and can't wait to meet him. Today Scott helped me hang a shelf, and we are prepping some wall decals, and I am hoping to get some work done on the curtains. We ran some errands, picking up some rods for the curtains. Tonight is Stephanie Owen's birthday, so we get to go out to dinner at Guisseppe's and meet up with a bunch of friends, always a treat.

I packed our bag for the hospital finally, thanks to Kelly reminding me. I wasn't too worried about it, but its nice to have that organized and off my mind. I still need to pre-register at the hospitals. I hope thats easy. Every time we are there it will be a night or a weekend, so I may have to go in some other time. I weighed in at 149 this week, and have been feeling pretty good, except for a few things. I have been on some medicine which has some interesting side effects that you don't want to know about. And some totally awful back spasms! They last about 30 seconds and I try to relax through them but they are crazy awful.  This week we have an infant CPR class, another doctor appointment, I have a hair cut on Thursday, and then breastfeeding class on Saturday, whew! It will be full and busy.

I can't believe its getting so close! Dean Schmalbach is already here!

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