Friday, July 30, 2010

34 Weeks

We got the high chair in the mail today and wrote some more thank-you notes. I'm losing weight! I'm down to 142 today, kinda weird. Still 40". We have an appointment with Dr. Safarik and a baby basics class this week, and my friend Juliette is scheduled for a C-Section on Monday. I can't believe we are just days away from meeting Jillian, and Jules has been just ahead of me this whole time. That means, pretty soon... Ben will be here. Unbelievable.

I am being spoiled by my friends. Sarah made us enchiladas the other night and Scott loves them so much I think he would have cried if he came home today and they were all gone. Bond came over last night and made us S'mores bars. YUM. I can't stop eating them. Tonight, its nachos. Mexican themed week I guess. Steph packed up some boxes and tomorrow she and Scott will pick up the U-Haul and hit the road. I can't believe it, July is over.

The house is slowly emerging from the clutter that has been taking over for the last few weeks. its looking like my house again, only- with baby stuff. :) Yay. I'm so excited to have Ben here. So excited. A little nervous about delivery, but so geared up for this baby. So... I guess I will be writing that over and over again for about six more weeks! Haha!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

33 Weeks

My weekly posts are getting later and later! I will try to post again tomorrow to catch up. My baby shower last weekend was wonderful, it was great to see all my girlfriends, and Kelly did an awesome job with everything. I am totally exhausted of course, but what's new. I've had no issues with eating, and Steph and I have been really into breakfast. English muffins, bagels, omelets... we should really make pancakes but we are both too lazy right now. However, my 33 week mark put me at 146 again, so I'm still flirting with 150. I'll get there and then some, I'm sure. I still feel like I got away with murder as far as my weight gain. And I still have zero swelling, which is great, too. I don't do well with traveling, I've totally given that up, the car ride is the worst. But when I'm home, I feel fine, so that's where I've been.

I am spending my last week of lazy lay around time with my sister. She is moving to San Diego on Saturday and I tear up every time I think about it. We had four very spoiled years with her, over here at least once or twice a week, nights downtown, dress up parties, beer pong and late nights laughing. We got to meet all her college friends and hear every detail from the wild nights out. Some of my favorite moments were listening to Scott help her with her homework (usually math) at the dining room table. But, she has grown out of this town and this part of her life. She is so ready for graduate school and excited by the idea of learning how to do this adult thing. "Fake it 'til you make it" being my best advice for figuring it out. Scott and I went over all the paper work with her: applying for health insurance...convincing Cal Poly to send an email to this or that department because she really did graduate...getting her own bank account and setting up a rough budget... getting a new cell phone account. We came and picked her up when she got a flat on the way to work, and Scott took the car in to get new tires. We were with her when she went through the process of activating her financial aid loans, and filled out the paperwork for her car's title. She has written a letter of appeal to her insurance company, and signed her lease in La Jolla. Everything is looking a lot like the set of an adult life, the next phase. She is ready for it.

Late in August she will walk into a class of kids not much younger than herself, and lead a section discussion on that week's lecture. Finish, reload with more kids, repeat. She will grade papers, write papers, and grade more papers. As for me, I will figure out what labor feels like, what to pack for the hospital... I will later figure out what I overpacked or had to send Scott home for. I will learn how to wash a tiny little baby, and do laundry. Finish, reload, repeat. A new phase of life, for both of us, and for this one we will have to be on separate projects. We did what we could together, and we did it well. Time to fly solo. Deeeeep breaths. One day at a time.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

32 Weeks

WOW I am so big and heavy and totally done feeling like this. Hopefully (sort of) it will be eight more weeks of the same, so... here we go. I weigh in (at home anyway) at 150 now. The highlight of my life right now is that my doctor spent like ten minutes telling me how I have gained the perfect amount through the whole pregnancy, and how was I staying so thin, and yada yada... probably the second best day ever, first going to the doctor who did the ultrasound saying that Ben was "perfect". I don't feel thin, for the record. And my belly does not look small. But according to doc, I gained like fifteen pounds so far, and thats great. Also, for the record I had nothing to do with this. I eat reasonably, but I don't exercise and I can really put away some ice cream and mexican food. (Ben's favorite lately). So, really, I could have gained sixty. Maybe it was my consolation prize for the two years of infertility, when I used to pray for something, anything, to be easy.

Well, there it is. Hopefully its not my only get-out-of-jail free card, Evon recently told me that Scott had colic and there was nothing you could do for that, just walk him while he cried. Yikes, praying Ben won't have colic. And both of us were jaundiced at birth, so hoping that won't happen either. On the good news side, Scott was only six pounds! Although he had a huge head (for that huge brilliant brain), so we will see how that pans out. I don't remember being a big baby either, but you never know with Ben. Maybe we will be one of those families in Christmas cards with the two short parents and one 6 foot tall kid.

We went to a beautiful, wonderful wedding last weekend, but it was just too much for me. The heat and humidity was brutal for me and I started having lots of contractions the next day, and some nausea Monday morning (on my birthday, boo!). I called my doctor and he is having me do some urine and bloodwork to make sure its not an early sign of pre-eclampsia. I'm sure its fine, I feel much better this morning, and my blood pressure has always been completely normal. But, I should definitely take it easy. I get so frustrated by my physical limits, and just not being able to do the simple things I used to, but that's part of the deal, and it's better to be a loaf than to make myself sick. In theory. So this weekend (a baby shower with my girls in the bay) will be my last trip, only about three hours away. Then I will hang out at home and just try to be as comfortable as I can be until Ben comes. There is plenty or organizing and decorating to get done around here, anyway.

So on that note, another week conquered! Can't wait for Ben to be here!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

31 Weeks

This was last weekend at our little 4th of July celebration. We sang the anthem super loud and our neighbors joined in! We jumped and danced around with sparklers and just had a generally great time.

I am about 143 this week, and my belly measures 40"! I am super tired all the time and just want to lay on the couch. I can't fit very much food into my stomach so its tough to come up with tiny little meals that I want to eat. Its tough to muster the energy to do very much at all. Which is why it was so sweet of my husband to design a date at home for our 4 year wedding anniversary! Last night he made me a three course meal: bread with garlic dip, a fresh beautiful salad and then pistachio crusted chicken on mashed potatoes. It took him about an hour to cook it all, and he had looked up a recipe and everything! What a sweetie. We watched a movie and I got to lay on him and cuddle the whole time. It was very romantic and the ideal anniversary, in my opinion. I love that guy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

30 Weeks

Can't... BREEEATHE!! Ben is taking up valuable lung real estate. Suffocating in my own body!

Eating: Lots of fiber, which is helpful, and I have found my talent for quickly inhaling large amounts of ice cream is done and gone. I can't fit it in my tummy anymore, and then afterward I feel like I stuck gum in my gears. That pretty much goes for any large amounts of sugar. And anything worth eating gives me heartburn, anyway. Even bread and avocados! Bummer.
Energy: Suuuper tired, heavy breathing and I can hardly get across the room without needing to lie down, lol. Its pretty embarrassing. Hopefully my last ten weeks won't all be like this.
Weight: 145 and climbing as we speak, I'm sure.
Belly: My piercing is perfectly happy now. I keep a bandaid over it so it won't catch on anything, but everything is good as long as I agree to return to our old deal of live and let live. I got two very faint stretch marks, which you can't see at all really, but I consider them badges of honor. This is only the beginning I'm sure.
Sleep: I sleep for longer stretches (10+ hrs) but sleep is probably a strong term. I'm sometimes just laying there awake for an hour and a half at times... but that Snoogle is a lifesaver. I wish I had one on each side. Turning just my belly over to my other side is already a 2 minute comedy sketch, not to mention trying to drag the Snoogle along under the sheet and blanket... picture a fish flopping around on land. My coordination isn't the best. I have been very pleased with our new bigger bed for awhile now, but in the very recent past its become completely impossible to sleep on anything smaller. So spoiled.
Things I Did: We had a couples shower for the locals and invited some friends from down south, so we had the Schmalbachs and Emily and Kirby in town all weekend! Heaven!! It was a complete blast. Our hosts, Kevin and Amy, were incredible. Their place is just beautiful and they are the most warm and charming people, we are so lucky to have them. Steph, Emily, Hannah and Bond did all the set up and clean up, with Scott helping, too. I was very spoiled and enjoyed myself to the max. It was so great to see all of our friends, and in such a mellow atmosphere. We played Bocce and chatted, and Kevin and Amy got us a cake from the Madonna Inn. If you haven't tried one you haven't lived. I may overdose on that cake before the weekend is over. It was another perfect day with all the great people that love Ben already. He is a very lucky kid.