Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Which My Life Looks Surreal and Perfect...

I have been amassing these gorgeous photos, and thought... I should really put these together in some sun-kissed, fresh-baked, Leave It to Beaver post and pretend that's what life is always like. So, with that, proceed with the tour:
My perfect baby boy, who likes to bite his thumb. At least... I think he's biting it. He just kind of puts in the tip and leaves it hanging there. Either he hasn't discovered he can suck on it yet, or prefers not to, I haven't figured it out.
By the way, in keeping with the theme, that is not a jug of beer fermenting under a raggedy old towel. Although, I have nothing to offer in place of that theory.

The brilliant little guy also sprouted two teeth! At once! We won't discuss the constant fussing here, though. Maybe I should do another post on all the pulling-out-your-hair type of stuff...

MMmmmm... got to bake some banana bread for Stephanie and Emily's visit last weekend, and cook a delicious crock pot meal with chicken, potatoes, rice and zucchini. Ben even had some little bites and loved it!
Between the four of us, we pretty much polished off an entire 9x13 loaf of banana bread by the end of the weekend. Its the perfect thing to go with your second cup of coffee... the one you shouldn't be having.
I know I already posted one of these already, but these two. Seriously, so much love. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that she looks and sounds like me, but he adores her. He also loves Emily, whom he built a strong bond with at Christmas (he was dissappointed that Kirb didn't come this time- he was the first one to make Ben laugh) So we need a "My Em&Kib Rock" onesie, too... I didn't even edit these photos yet, and these two are just gorgeous, no color tweaking necessary... course I will still color tweak, but only because I'm addicted.

Summer! Okay, well, no. This is April. But the Central Coast likes to tease us every year with a dose of super-duper hot beach weather in mid to late March, and this time it came right around April Fools Day. How apropos, seeing as how the fog will sock us in again and we will wonder soon if we were only dreaming about this dip in the pool. Anyway, it was just in time for a little milestone: first time in a pool! He loved it and was perfectly content to splash away for fifteen to twenty minutes. He just stared at Felicia and Everett, jealous of their mobility, and picked up toy after toy to taste test. Happy as a clam. Even more than the divine splashing, he was in heaven when I layed him on a towel in the grass, stripped him of his wet clothes and let him roll around for a bit. That really put him over the top.

Wow, happiest baby ever there was. Apparently he is more of a pool/grass person than a beach/sand person. The next day we did a full beach afternoon with our newly dubbed "Super Baby Squad" mom crew. We are twelve strong so far! About six of us planted ourselves down at the end of Avila Beach and tried to feed ourselves and our babies in the hot sun and sand. He loved dipping his toes in the water and watching people swimming, but the rest of it was just too hot and miserable for him. I was enjoying myself, though!

Ugh soooo hot

So fun. As you can see we are still doing cloth prefolds with the diaper service, and loving it! He is wearing a one size Thirsties cover here that we got on Amazon. He also has about three Flip covers with snap closures that we use, I love the colors and they are all one size, although as you can see he is at the highest rise. The only thing that is getting harder is trying to get him to hold still long enough to fasten everything. The kid is such a squirmer! Always trying to flip over and backwards, grab his toes and eat them, or just bat at you with flapping arms. His clothes (9 month) fit fine, if maybe a little slim around the waist (haha! He's still in the chunking up phase) and he is hitting all of the usual milestones with no problem whatsoever. He sits up fine and rolls over. We love cloth, it was a much, much easier thing than I ever dreamed. Here I thought I was being so brave! Sheesh.

Right now Scott is playing with Ben and we are waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to come for a visit. So exciting. I love the weekends, when my boys get to spend quality time together and especially when we get to see family. I hope all of you are having a great weekend, too!


  1. All the pictures are so beautiful and the ones of him on the towel make me want to be there to kiss his tummy sooooo bad. And don't think for a second that I won't be making a "Em&Kib Rock" shirt as soon as I have some free time on my hands. Miss you so much already!

    p.s. That banana bread was much better than any I've ever made...

  2. We made Baby Guidry a customized Onesie (among other things) using

  3. Aw, thanks Em! I can't wait to see you guys again. And it was sooo wonderful being able to spend some time with your parents, too! We should get on cafe press and make some really appropriate Thomas-family wear, don't you think? Thanks for the tip Amy! I was just reading some nerdy computer programming onesies today that my friends had for their cute little boy, and was so jealous! I need to put him in some funny stuff like that...