Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ch-Ch Changes

Change is in the air. I am such a planner, I like to think I can only deal with change if I've prepared myself, and consequently, I am compelled to know every detail in advance. I've come to accept that this is neither realistic nor possible, but still. I can't help but get antsy anyway! Especially when you hear all of the open-ended, who-knows-maybe type of stuff we have going on. You will understand. Here are some of the changes bumping around my head.

1. Scott's Work Contract Ending
This is the biggie. Maybe I should have put it at the end, because the other things on my mind pale in comparison. To clarify, Scott's contract has been ending since he got the job six years ago. We have had one close call in the years past, where we thought we may need to relocate, but this is pretty serious. It's getting close to the end of the project that Scott works on, (close as in, early September) and the opportunities for more work coming to that site seem to be coming and going, with nothing really taking off. As much as we want to stay in the area, everyone knows that jobs around here, in Scott's field, are slim pickins. We were very blessed to find Lockheed and they are a great employer. So we just have to wait and see what happens. More work could be earmarked for the site here, or we may have to make a move- perhaps a drastic one. It's a strange time, but I'm kind of excited. I love my friends and I love my location, but we will just have to wait and see what's in store for us. I hate the wait and see part.

2. More Kids? When?
We go back and forth, haven't decided whether we want our kids close together, or farther apart. Pregnancy was no picnic for me, so as much as I want more kids and sometimes want them all in one batch- it's tough to actually pursue being pregnant again. No thanks. Can I have someone else do it? Scott is still mostly in a one-kid state of mind, but if/when he does want more, he wants me to carry them if possible. It's just another part of my life that will definitely change, but the timeline is up in the air. Fun.

3. We Need to Move
We have definitely grown out of this house and are itching to get into something with a more open living space and a less strange layout. Not to mention another bedroom would be greatly appreciated. It's a shame, though, as I really love our location. Driving down the hill to our house, the ocean is everywhere, it takes my breath away. I feel very attached to our little community and am hesitant to leave it, for any reason. But, we spend a lot of time at home, and it's just not going to work for us much longer. Plus, if we stay in the area, we could afford to live more comfortably just a few miles closer to where Scott works... if he still works there, of course.

4. Blog Changes
I have reached my photo maximum and have to figure out how to proceed. I can clean out my archives, but obviously that's a short term fix. I can switch to a new host, or host it myself, or I can try out the advertising thing, to try to pay for more space. I don't know but I need to talk it over with my technician (the hubban) and figure out an answer, but until then, no more photos. Boo. I know. I promise I will try to think fast, and I love to blog, so no fear of me disappearing.

Okay, all! Think good thoughts about me figuring out the answers to all these questions asap. Just because, I'd like to know now. Or at least sooner rather than later. Or... now.


  1. Ahh yes... I know the feeling. Last year we dealt with a new job, new house and pregnancy all at the same time and it was crazy! Where would you have to move for Scott's job?

  2. Wow! Such big life changes possibly ahead of you. I don't have too much experience with the whole job switching, but babies...do I have experience. 5 kids.
    If you are going to only have one, be ready to entertain them...FOREVER! You are it baby. If you are going to have one...have two. Then they will have a playmate. And you will have a little time to yourself. I am always rooting for babies. Until Hubs got a vesectomy.
    Good luck!!

  3. Yes, I DEFINITELY want more than one, Stef, I totally agree about the entertainment committee. I don't want to be all there is. My husband was an only child and I think maybe the only one in the world who enjoyed and preferred it. Crazy guy.

    Our Fantasy Football Roster of possible LM moves... in no particular order (because we really go back and forth) AND... this has no bearing on actual job availability and/or hiring probabilities.
    - Colorado
    - San Diego
    - Pennsylvania
    - DC area

    So pretty evenly spaced. Two here, one in the middle, two on the other side of the continent. No big deal, right? *sweat*