Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ben is Two Months!

And I love using cloth diapers. Disposables are fine, too, I have nothing against them. They are easy, trim and quick. But I get a very accomplished feeling knowing how much less waste I have made for the earth, and putting soft cloth against my baby's skin- I gotta say- that feels great, too. Plus, what a community there is out there! So much support and fun things to try and discuss. I feel like a modern mama. We now have 14 Bum Geniuses, which I use for night time diapers, and I have learned how to wash them myself, which is a laugh because it is so easy. (Cold rinse, add detergent, hot wash, hang dry. Put absorbent inserts into the dryer on low). When he starts solids I will have to spray them off into the toilet before throwing them into the washer. Either that, or I can lay a liner in the diaper, and peel that off into the toilet. That will be a little more smelly. Right now, its a breeze. Thank you, breast milk! We still use prefolds and covers through our service, Central Coast Diaper Service. See all the details on life with prefolds in my previous blog, (LLCool B, Ladies Love Cool Ben).

So Ben is now batting at his toys, cooing and squealing, kicking his legs more and he can see so much more. I catch him noticing things further and further away, like the television. So exciting. His preferences have changed, from the swing to the bouncer. He sleeps pretty well, still waking up about twice a night, but he sleeps pretty consistently from 7p to 12:30a at least. It takes me about an hour to feed, change and put him back to sleep. I just Netflix-ed "Happiest Baby On the Block". Kris recommended it because she loved the toddler version- it was fantastic! I had heard some of the techniques in our Baby Basics class, but somehow seeing him demonstrate it on infant after infant just clicked. I immediately tried them and it worked just like in the video! Incredible. This is going to make my life so much easier.