Friday, February 26, 2010

12 Weeks

I am going to start using this new format that Kelly gave me, it just looks nice and organized. :)

Eating: Less lately. I have very little room in my tummy, and my appetite has been suffering for some reason.
Morning Sickness: Well, haha. I was going to write that its improved, because it has! But, two days ago I was feeling really good and strolled into the kitchen and threw a napkin into the trash. I caught a whiff of dinner from the night before and bam, I was hit with some serious nausea. I thought maybe I could get over it and I started to leave to lay down and had to turn suddenly and run to the sink! I kind of made it... but there was definitely some power behind it and most of it hit the wall. Thank goodness I felt fabulous after I was done dry heaving and could clean it up with no problem. For about twenty minutes I felt great and had a good laugh! Then the nausea settled in for good and I was on the couch for the day. Oh, well.
Energy: Up and down but definitely tired.
Weight: 127lbs (lost 3 overall)
Belly: I am definitely showing. If I wanted to try to hide it, I guess I could, but it hurts to have a waistband over it (brings on nausea) so I have definitely switched to maternity jeans, my bella band, or yoga/sweatpants. Steph and Scott say it feels strange. Different than a normal belly.

Things I Did: I got a pedicure with Juliette, that was so nice. We talked about baby gear and finding out the gender, it was so fun. I went to dinner and a movie (Dear John) with my friend Amy, that was really fun. Last night, Steph and I went to a Colbie Callait concert, it was amazing! She played right here in Arroyo Grande. I saw a few people from past jobs, even Juliette! We waved. And an audience member asked her to play "Capri". I had never heard it before. It was about pregnancy! So special.

Friday, February 19, 2010

11 Weeks

Okay! Well, I've been feeling a lot better, but it is definitely a two steps forward, one step back process. The hardest thing to accept is that I won't get "back to normal". I keep thinking, okay tomorrow I will get back into my routine: cleaning, shopping, exercising, visiting friends... and then that day will come and I will be hit with morning sickness, heartburn, and fall asleep at 7pm. I keep trying to tell myself that my approach to this process has always been to survive it. To do my best. But its frustrating to finally have built this harmonious relationship with my body and now its this stranger that won't do what I want, no matter what I eat or how I care for it!

The funniest thing is that I am starting to feel like there is really an infant in there. Especially when I am reading a book in the evening and I start to feel hungry (even though I could swear I had just finished eating), and I think to myself, 'okay, a few more pages and I will get up and fix something' and thirty seconds later my stomach is raging for food. There is no wait time for this baby. If I'm hungry, I am hungry now. If I need to pee, I need to do that now. This morning I woke up at 3am, feeling just awful. I drank some water and tried to go back to sleep, hoping that would help. Ten minutes later when my stomach was still rolling and aching, I had to give in and try some graham crackers (even though I really didn't want them)... and eventually I was able to go back to sleep. The night before we had been woken up a few times by Fatso, who was sick all night. We laughed that our cats better not be high maintenance when the baby comes, although I'm sure we will be up anyway.

I do have a little belly now. Its been filling out toward the top, instead of just the bottom. I haven't made the transition to maternity wear yet, but its coming soon. I will post a pic next week. We have made the announcement to the world (and to every cashier I have talked to since January), so the joy is flowing. I am having trouble waiting for each stage. I was really excited to tell everyone, and now I am really anxious to find out if it is a boy or a girl. So excited to meet this baby!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Weeks

I am posting this early, since we are going to be out of town this weekend. So I will be 10 weeks this Friday. Its been an interesting week. It started out pretty badly, but then today I went outside and drove my car all the way to SLO for the first time in a month! I have literally been mostly flat on my back for weeks. And I still feel good after a full day of activity, so that is amazing! I finally have some energy to turn over to enjoying my pregnancy.

I'm still wearing my sea band everyday... I haven't felt good enough, for long enough to be confident in removing it quite yet. It was so amazing to wake up and feel good today, I can't say enough about it. This weekend we are going up to the Bay Area to share the news with Scott's extended family, and I was really hoping to feel good enough to go and enjoy myself, so this is a big deal.

We had a quick appointment with my doctor on Tuesday, and he did a very brief ultrasound to check on a cyst I had last time (it looks resolved) but no clear pictures of the baby, although he did do a once over and said that everything was looking great. I went and had blood drawn for some tests (cystic fibrosis, etc). I stopped having to eat at 4am, thats been a relief. I have this weird feeling... like a phantom tummy. I haven't really gained any weight. I look exactly the way I would look if I ate a high calorie diet and laid around for 3 weeks with no exercise, which is exactly what I did. So its not like I have a big ol' round tummy, but when I lean over my side to get something, I get a sharp ligament pain, like I am holding some big tummy suspended in space and my muscles don't like it. Strange. I am sleeping better at night. My skin is breaking out like crazy and my hair looks like a birds nest. I am set up for a cut tomorrow, which is another big relief. I am hoping to return to a more normalized diet now that the nausea seems to be exiting.

Scott's been bringing me cereal in bed every morning, which is amazing and has helped with the nausea. He's been amazing. Now that we are nearing the second trimester, I am getting excited about planning. I just can't wait to find out what the sex is so that I can jump on the registry! Yay! We find out in late March or early April, depending on how shy the baby is. Hope all of you are doing great!

Friday, February 5, 2010

9 Weeks

These are my first belly pics! I know they are kind of ridiculous, but I had to start somewhere. I have been losing and gaining weight, but pretty much hovering in the same area, so there didn't seem to be any reason to take weekly pictures. But its good that I have these so when I do get big, there will be something to compare them to!
Well, this last week has been really promising. Wednesday was a really good day, I felt so good I was actually able to go out for a walk! Thursday I felt really down again, though and that was discouraging. But today I felt good again! I wish there was a pattern to the good days, something that I was doing differently (on or before) that I could duplicate. But I do whatever I have to do each day to get some calories down, and my nausea runs my life. The last week or so seemed like a long stretch of bad days and I started getting really down. I just feel so isolated and helpless. I have a really hard time getting up the stairs, reading, even talking sometimes. I've been feeling really weepy and emotional, and Scott has been working 55-60 hours each week and through the weekends, so he has had demands on him from all angles.

I put up some pics of the yard project! A landscaper built a fence on our property (one of our neighbors hired him and paid for it- awesome!) So when I was checking out the fence he offered to help us do some projects of our own on the cheaper side because business has been really slow for him. He started talking about the back patio, but I dismissed that immediately. I knew what I wanted: That blasted front yard! He started on Tuesday and was done yesterday. AMAZING. They put in a sprinkler system and sod and picked up my liquidambar tree and planted it free of charge. Its just a twig right now but all my research says its fast growing. So, it felt like another boring, isolated week, but really I got a lot done! I am really looking forward to my second trimester and feeling better!