Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 24

So, on Dec 2, it will be another round of pregnancy tests, unless my period does me a favor by coming early (which would be great but never happens lately). I guess its the clomid working which drags my cycles out to normal length. My period used to come every 3 weeks, which was terrible except when youre trying to have a baby, because you don't have to wait as long through that anxious part.

Scott and Chubba were enjoying some sports on TV before we headed over for some Thanksgiving grub.

This month has been really busy, with travelling everywhere to see friends. It was really great to see the Puccinelli's and the Schmalbach's. Holding little kids makes my world go round. And the parents are pretty great, too.

Scott dug up the front yard and is trying to rake all of the leaves and rocks out before he digs trenches for the sprinklers. However, he got pretty overwhelmed by the whole process and basically just left it as a dirt hill. Left it for so long, that it began to grow its own lawn, in bright green patches. So... I guess at least it looks better than it did before.

Our deal is that he needs to finish it by the time we have a baby. And I'm not required to do anything to it, which is why I allow it to be totally ignored... so I'm not called out to do it.

I also did a painting this month! My uncle asked me to do a painting of his friend's dogs as a Christmas gift. They had both passed away and my uncle wanted to do something for him, to commemorate them.  It came out pretty well, and really got me going! I mean, half the battle is setting up and cleaning up, so once you have all the materials out to do one... it really makes sense to do more. So, we will see what I bust out with next! I included a photo of the watercolor for you.

Well, Scott and Steph are both out of town today, so I am hangin by myself until tomorrow. I am planning on doing some reading, sleeping (hopefully some exercise but my motivation is way low) and just general relaxing. Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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  1. i am happy you have your sister and such great friends to be with while you go through all the family stuff. we all need a support system and your sounds pretty great!

    your painting is so beautiful mary! i knew you painted but i have never seen any of your work! i love it! (and now we are keeping our fingers crossed for a mary original one day!! *wink wink)