Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Healthy Baby with a Beating Heart!!

One! NOT two, which as exciting as that might be, is a major relief. Much less stress. It's just a little bean right now, almost a centimeter, about the size of my pinky nail. The doctor said that the heartbeat is normal, implantation is normal, and everything is looking really healthy. He said chances of miscarraige at this point are down to about 10%.

I am pretty much flat on my back all day long. My go-to saviors at this point are peppermints between meals and cheerios if I can't manage food but need to eat. The doctor says my due date is September 10th. We are so excited!


  1. I'm soo impressed you can get a heart beat this early... and a little mad at my OB :).

    Congrats!!! Is Scotty feeling that it's a bit more "real" now.



  2. ONE is a relief :) as is the strong heart :) i know the visuals, as obscure as they may be really helped jason feel a part of....we ended up doing the 3d ultrasound too, jason lit up like a christmas tree at that appointment!

    so i cant resist throwing in my $.02, though NOTHING actually worked for me and noah, if you can get your hands on some ginger candy or papaya extracts, those can really help with the yucky tummy....

  3. Oh, so happy for you guys and of course keeping that little bean in my thoughts! Yay!!!

  4. OMG!!! So excited for you guys! a text or something would have been nice but, i can forgive... :) you two are in for such an amazing experience!

  5. SO SO Excited for you and scott! i am officially keeping early sept open

  6. I am SOOO excited for you Mary (and Scott)!!! Your precious little one will be here before you know it!

  7. FIRST picture!!! How special! I am so excited for you!!!!