Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Love

Which one is me?
Once, a few years ago, Scott and I were going out to dinner with my family- Mom, Dad, and Stephanie, my sister. We were waiting at the front of the restaurant to be seated and Scott came in to join us. Without giving it much thought, Scott came over to me and draped his arm around my waist... as always, maybe just a smidge past the southern border. Hey, we're married.

Well, this time, it wasn't me. It was Steph. She thought that maybe it was me, or my mom, so she slowly glanced over and saw... Scott. And he saw her. Oops. Stephanie busted up immediately, and Scott looked shocked, but definitely amused. The rest of us were instantly interrogating them, ordering them to fill us in on what was so hysterical. I think Steph may have contemplated telling my parents for about two seconds, and then relayed the whole thing. Scott, being completely secure by nature, was a good sport while we all took turns beating the joke to death at his expense.

This story comes close to repeating itself every time Steph visits, especially since we regularly trade clothes when she is here. Its a big joke around our house.

Do you think he has a point? Can you tell us apart?


  1. I'm guessing but are you on the left?

  2. left for POSITIVE. 100%.
    How funny! Last night a kid thought adam was his dad... hahah

  3. I think that's Stephanie on the left. So, I'm guessing right.

  4. I think you are on the left. But who the heck knows you two do look a lot alike. I loved this story- too funny! One time my mom was saying goodbye and leaned over to kiss Matt on the cheek, but he thought she was going for his lips, and yelled "No!" at her. We both laughed at him for awhile...

  5. i'll guess right, and your sister on the left.

  6. And the answer is... I'm on the left! So glad it was somewhat hard to tell. I mean, we aren't trying at all most of the time, and Scott gets it wrong frequently...