Monday, November 9, 2009

For Better or For Worse...

Well, we had a wonderful time in San Diego. We celebrated some birthdays with friends and had a wonderful time with the Schmalbachs!

This is Bond and I having a late breakfast with Stephanie and the birthday kids Emily and Kirby.

Later on after breakfast, we were driving around La Jolla when I got the call from Kelly that she was in the hospital! Zach was born much later, at 4am, healthy and according to all who have met him, the sweetest little guy there ever was.

Sydney and I were able to catch up on some stories while I was there. Her favorite book right now has to be "Slowly Slowly Slowly". A book about a sloth in a tree. Scott and I both read that one until we had it memorized. Conveniently enough, it featured a bit about the sloth hanging in the tree at night, and we spent a lot of time discussing how it becomes dark at night, so...educational moments abound everywhere.

However, Steph and I came home to some serious challenges. Family issues, college deadlines and fertility just seem to be humongous mountains to climb right now. I wish we had all the answers and we were living in a carefree season, but we are leaning on each other and Scott and are determined to get through all of this one day at a time. I am just so grateful for my friends and the way that you love and accept me despite my stupid moments. It makes handling life's bumps that much easier. Thanks.

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  1. the old saying, "it takes a village to raise a child," i have changed it...."it takes a village to make it through life"

    lean on everyone, talk, cry, laugh, and embrace the love in your life!