Thursday, November 5, 2009

If I Can't Be Pregnant, I'll Settle For Skinny and Selfish....

So, sadly, I got my period this morning. Literally five minutes before getting in the car to leave for San Diego. Oh, well, another month bites the dust! BUT I also weighed myself and in two months I have lost 13 pounds and 3 inches off my waistline. YAY! This last month of no drinking really helped with the last five pounds. Now I can get back to an intense work out schedule and keep it going.

 Good thing I ran around on Wednesday getting my new prescription of Clomid ready just in case, because I start that Saturday night. Here we go again... and possibly again. Its been a crazy cycle, hopefully that was just the fertility meds and my sanity isn't really slipping. I'm praying not to have too many more of those kinds of months in the future...

But we are here and I spent the day with my little friend Sydney, who is 18 months now. She is a doll! She can say my name now, which is a real thrill, and we had a wonderful afternoon playing in the sandbox, reading books and watching Sesame Street. I can't wait for Zach to finally make his appearance, spending time with my friend's kids is really fun and definitely enriches my life.

Love to all!


  1. skinny and selfish! i love it! and i really doubt your sanity is slipping...and if it is, you fit in just perfectly with the other crazy moms earlier that you thought!

    we show noah your picture all the time (i made a book of friends and family) and i think you should come play with us again!!!

    have a good trip!

  2. Oh Mary- just know your not alone. It helps me to hear that other people go through this monthly disappointment and feel like they are loosing their minds. I am super proud of you for not drinking this month- and loosing weight, but i dont think you need to!! Your beautiful however you are!!!