Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sick Mom, Colicky Baby, SUPER Hot Weather

Basically, I can't believe Scott hasn't run away yet. My injuries from the birth flared up again Thursday night- and again, and again, and again... I am on lots of medications and ice packs and staying off my feet to try to get better fast, and every night I start to feel better... and then every morning I am in pain again. Its awful. So, when Ben became unusually fussy with Scott on Thursday night (who was wonderful enough to call in to the office and get up for all the diaper changes) I just thought it was that his routine had been disturbed, or he was being affected by how much pain I was in when he was nursing.

But then, come the early morning hours, I remember asking Scott, "What is going on with him?" The next day it continued- he wouldn't sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time, and he would wake up just wailing, like someone had stuck him with a pin. We took turns bouncing, shushing, singing (humming in Scott's case)... all the while Scott is running up and down the stairs to bring me medicine, water and food. It was a circus. When the baby was asleep we would be all but speaking in meaningful glances and hand motions, terrified to wake him up again. I would lay next to Ben, whispering in his ear, replacing his pacifier and he had my hand clutched in his, pressed up against his little cheek. That would calm him for about fifteen minutes, then he would be wailing again for awhile. Finally that night, I called the pediatrician's office. I just wanted to make sure I was doing all I could for him. Well, based on his on and off again pain, the nurse wanted us to go to the hospital, to rule out an intestinal "knot" or bend or something. They told us that based on his age, appearance, and rectal exam (which he didn't mind at all, but pooped explosively and startled the doctor, which was very amusing) that it was extremely unlikely. He was already calming down when we got there, and he ended up sleeping great all night. I assume he wore himself out completely. Basically, he has colic. I just think colic is a fancy name for painful gas. Plus, it has been incredibly hot at home lately and we are all more than a little unhappy with that.

We have been doing some pretty amusing stuff to keep him happy. Both hands and arms are usually busy bouncing, swinging and patting him. Its the little things- that hair that won't stay back or an itchy nose- that will drive you nuts. If you spare a hand to fix it, you will inevitably invite the wrath of Ben. Its a balancing act. I just wish I could get better already!!!!!! The doctor said two months. So, I am giving him three more weeks and if my stitches haven't stopped killing me every single day at that point, I am going to hold a sit-in at his office.

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