Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ben Needs a Dollhouse

Auntie will play dolls with him!
Maybe not right now, but in the next year, definitely. He doesn't even have any dolls! But thats okay, they are really more meant for playing pretend, and he isn't there yet. He has puppy for all of his cuddling needs. Oh, its completely fine for girls to play with trucks and dirt and learn how to fix the kitchen sink, right? We love women, right? But I promise more than one man is cringing with inexplicable aversion at the idea of Ben playing with dolls.

Scott is brilliant, in my opinion, but as with all of my relationships, the guy always seems to come up short in the areas of communication and conflict resolution. I know, I know, tell you something you don't know, right? Well, how did I learn how to make friends, share (which, ahem, Scott is still working on), and discuss my feelings? Playing dolls with my friends. Before he gets to the stage where "MO-om, boys don't dooooo that", I want him to at least have a rudimentary grasp on his feelings, friendships, and how to talk about them with his peers. Being able to schmooze takes you far in this society, people! I intend to give my kid as much knowledge as I can to get him as far as I can. And I don't know Spanish at all. So that is out.


  1. Heck yes I'll play with him! I would have already bought a doll for him if I thought that Scott wouldn't kick me out of his house...Haha just kidding. :)
    P.S. Gimme those pics of me and Ben please :) Love em. Or post them on Facebook....

  2. Just have another kid and hope that it's a girl! That's worked well for us. Both of my kids are learning to communicate and share :) And yes, in the meantime Orion plays with dolls and Omega plays with dirt and trucks. Omega has even gotten Orion to put on pink tights and slight across our wood floors. David didn't like that too well. ;)