Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holy Camera Upgrade, Batman!

In the last twenty-four hours, your humble host, moi, has only come up with one witty phrase to accompany this drastic change in quality. I was even brave enough to blow these photos up to "X-Large" on this here blog, because can we say "AMAY-zing?!" I didn't post all of them, including the notable aquamarine eyes one, but you can see them on my facebook page. No doubt you just came from there and don't need to go back, so I only posted one repeat offender. More to come.

So this is kind of a fake out. We are borrowing a friend's Nikon D40 to take it on a test drive (or more appropriately, a cross-country tour because I am obsessed). So we are giving it back tomorrow. I took the opportunity to do a quickie photo shoot in our back yard, because the poor little man is super sick and his coughing scares people. People like his mom and dad. We had a photo shoot for Easter scheduled on Saturday but I had to email the photographer and cancel.

The worst would be if he got everything all germy and a bunch of other adorable little chubs caught the nightmare that we are currently living. So thank goodness for Miguel's generosity. Presto! Easter pics. And he fits all the little shoes that Kelly is loaning us! Little babies wearing shoes they can't even walk in yet. It's too much.

Unfortunately, I'm so hooked on this new clarity that I have half a mind to completely redo the pictures for my last post! Humph. Maybe when we finally get the official camera that will be Our Camera. Numer Uno. Mama's "The One Most Wanted". I am currently trying not to fall in love with Miguel's camera. It's not meant to be. After all, it belongs to another... tear.

Anyhoo, on the subject of the notable aquamarine eyes photo I posted on facebook, there was some speculation as to whether I photoshopped them. Of course I did! Just so we are clear going forward here- I photoshop everything. If I don't photoshop something (is the verb capitalized? Does making it a verb discount the proper noun?) that's when I will tell you. Like in my last post, pretty much in the tone of "ew, I didn't edit that one, sorry!" If they aren't edited it looks like the whites got washed with the colors. Sometimes photoshopping certain things (my boy's pretty eyes) within an inch of their life is just a good time had by all, but most of the time I just try to edit them back to real life vibrant color, maybe with a little artsy punch. I'm usually not trying to make them too unrealistic. I do over-edit all the time, and have to reign myself back in. I unclick a lot of items on my history tab. Over. And over. I don't want everything to look like an In-Style cover. We have enough of that air-brushed, painted mularkey.

So in my next few posts the photos will get blurry and noisy again. Sorry! I've been promised that a new camera is on it's way. Happy Birthday to ME!


  1. Good philosophy. Just make things burn a little brighter (It's always fun to bring the base layer up to the top after a while and be like "ooooh muddy :/" and then push it back down where it belongs and be like 'ooooh pretty again!")

  2. Woah! Nice picts! He is SO cute! wow.
    I hope you get a new camera, and your making me want one!!!!

  3. Okay I just logged on with my hi-res screen and now I'm thinking maybe I should only be allowed to edit on this thing. BRIGHTNESS.

  4. Love it! Beautiful pics, you've got the eye. Can't wait to see more.