Friday, May 13, 2011

Word To Yo Mutha

My Very First Mother’s Day was all that I had hoped it would be. On Saturday, Scott brought back a bouquet of flowers for the table and some chocolates, arranged in a heart.

Isn’t he cute and sappy? He knows I love it. On Sunday morning I got up early, feeling awake and energized, so I came downstairs, but Scott got up with Ben, and fed him breakfast. Then he made me a delicious breakfast sandwich, and he and the baby went out to get me some coffee. He even stopped by the store to get me my favorite freshly baked croissant, it was awesome. I took it easy all day and we went out to some wineries with the girls, it was cold and windy, but a gorgeous day.

Ben has been turning some serious corners lately. He is rocking forward but hasn’t tucked the legs under yet. He is obsessed with standing up but he hasn’t gotten the strength in his arms to pull up quite yet. That could change really fast. The other day I was imitating his screeching back to him and he tried to put his pacifier in my mouth! Haha he gets it.

Then yesterday we had an adventure with the tissue box.
I just needed a second of entertainment for him and thought he would pull out a few tissues and be done with it. Well, he pulled out a couple, and I picked one up and wiped some drool off his chin, and right after that, he picked up a tissue and wiped my pant leg! The kid is scaring me with his level of awareness right now. After that, I turned the box over so that he wouldn’t pull any more out, and this is what he did:

The kid is way ahead of me. What am I gonna do?


  1. Awesome pictures, AWESOME title. :)

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  3. I think you and your fake mimosa was my favorite thing about mothers day this year. you were just like "this day is awesome. *takes sip of fake mimosa* I have a fake mimosa *takes another sip* *acts really awesome about the idea of having a fake mimosa that is sparkly OJ* WIIIIN"

  4. Love that you had to fix "face mimosa". I was just thinking of a joke for that. I choose to be stoked about sparkly OJ. Rather than sad about lack of Veuve Cliquot. I think even before I knew about mimosas I would have been excited about sparkly OJ, so really when you think about it I am just keepin it real. lol!

  5. I should have a glass made that says "fake mimosa"...

  6. dude. ben kills me. he is sooooo cute! I love the picture at the winery with the three of you!