Friday, August 14, 2009

Babies, Babies, BABIES!

Babies, babies, everywhere! The last two years have been all about babies. These are just a few of the children of our friends that we see on a pretty regular basis. We obviously aren't the only couple intent on starting a family! This is me and Aiden at the park in Shell Beach. His mom Amy snapped the photo. He is almost 17 months old.
The day he was born, Scott and I decided we wanted to start having children. Apparently, not as easy as it looks!

This is my friend Jason with his baby boy Noah, who is now almost 14 months old.

We tried for about 8 months on our own before I started shopping around for a good doctor. I was diagnosed with very mild endometriosis about three years ago when I underwent surgery after a hospital visit, and I wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to be a complication. The first doctor I saw was awful. I waited for an hour in the room, she consulted with me for about ten minutes max, rushed me through the interview, forgot to answer some of my most important questions, and told me I should consider losing weight because it might help me conceive. Yikes! I've never had anyone tell me I was overweight after a ten minute chat. That takes some getting used to...

This is our friend Scott with his darling daughter Sydney. She is now almost 16 months. We try to see them every few months.

My best friend Kelly is having her little boy Zach around Nov 4th this year. I can't wait to meet him, the past few days I've been working day and night getting ready for her baby shower.

So we finally found an amazing doctor, Dr. Safarik right here about 2 min away from where we live. He ran some routine tests and then decided to follow my ovulation by ultrasound.

This is Alli and her daughter Evie, who is now 19 months old. And my best friend Kris (right) just delivered baby Wyatt in July.

Well, turns out that I'm not ovulating regularly! My doctor started me straight away on some medication, and we took that for 3 months and conceived. About a week after finding out we were pregnant, I miscarried. It wasn't a fun time, but its very common (about 25-30% of pregnancies). The best part was that I got to take two months off of the whole process. I didn't have to take my temperature, any pills, or make sure I knew what day of my cycle I was on. It was truly a great vacation. We are trying again now, with the help of our doctor, and I feel a lot less worried now that we have been able to conceive once before.

Plus... will ya look at how much company our kid will have? Friends and friends galore, all right around the same ages! I can't wait!

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