Friday, January 29, 2010

8 Weeks

Ugh.... not much change. Still sick every day. I have some good days where I am low on energy but I feel good, and rare days where I just feel miserable, most of the time I am just constantly uncomfortable. The baby is the size of a kidney bean, and I had a dream last night that it was a boy! So, we will see. My friend Amy does ultrasounds for a living and said that almost every time, the dad is right about the gender, and the mom is wrong. But Scott hasn't given me his "official" guess yet so no news on that front. I hear that I am about 6-8 weeks away from finding out, so we shall see. Sometimes you can catch boys early, but girls are tougher to confirm.

No belly yet, In fact I lost about four pounds and have gained back only two so far. It certainly doesn't like to be touched though so I have to wear really loose pants. Mostly because of the nausea. I haven't been getting out much at this stage anyway! Scott made a craving run to the store this week to grab microwave burritos, chicken nuggets and bagels. Who am I?? I haven't eaten most of this stuff since high school! So I eat like a junior high student right now. I do try to squeeze in fruits and veggies during the mid afternoon, when I am feeling good; my friend Stephanie made me a fabulous fruit smoothie today!

I also was introduced to the foot massage by my other Amy friend. We went to a place called Reflexology (right by Collections, for any locals) and had a 45 minute massage that included arms, shoulders, feet and legs. It smelled beautiful and was so comfortable. Super relaxing. Best idea ever, Amy!

So, the first trimester... not so fun! But I'm sure its worth it. Currently I am still having trouble believing I'm pregnant. I just think I have the worst flu of my life. Love you all!

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