Friday, February 5, 2010

9 Weeks

These are my first belly pics! I know they are kind of ridiculous, but I had to start somewhere. I have been losing and gaining weight, but pretty much hovering in the same area, so there didn't seem to be any reason to take weekly pictures. But its good that I have these so when I do get big, there will be something to compare them to!
Well, this last week has been really promising. Wednesday was a really good day, I felt so good I was actually able to go out for a walk! Thursday I felt really down again, though and that was discouraging. But today I felt good again! I wish there was a pattern to the good days, something that I was doing differently (on or before) that I could duplicate. But I do whatever I have to do each day to get some calories down, and my nausea runs my life. The last week or so seemed like a long stretch of bad days and I started getting really down. I just feel so isolated and helpless. I have a really hard time getting up the stairs, reading, even talking sometimes. I've been feeling really weepy and emotional, and Scott has been working 55-60 hours each week and through the weekends, so he has had demands on him from all angles.

I put up some pics of the yard project! A landscaper built a fence on our property (one of our neighbors hired him and paid for it- awesome!) So when I was checking out the fence he offered to help us do some projects of our own on the cheaper side because business has been really slow for him. He started talking about the back patio, but I dismissed that immediately. I knew what I wanted: That blasted front yard! He started on Tuesday and was done yesterday. AMAZING. They put in a sprinkler system and sod and picked up my liquidambar tree and planted it free of charge. Its just a twig right now but all my research says its fast growing. So, it felt like another boring, isolated week, but really I got a lot done! I am really looking forward to my second trimester and feeling better!


  1. So glad you're having a few better days sweetie! I hope they start coming more often...
    and yea for starting to get a preggo belly. :-)

    and the yard looks AWESEOME.

    miss and love you!

  2. i love your belly pictures :) keep taking them, it is so fun to look back on them.

    i am glad to hear that good days are present, though few and far between, the good days are so so so needed :)please dont hesitate to call me on the bad days....even if you need me to just keep quite and listen or have me tell bad jokes :) i have been in the hopeless, weepy, lonely and sometimes scary moments home alone with nothing but my own thoughts and overpowering nausea...not always a safe place.

    your yard is beautiful :) and even though its the front yard, you should go lay in the grass or on a blanket in the grass and enjoy being out side on bad days....change of scenery ya know.

    keep the pictures and stories coming! we all wait to read them every week :)