Sunday, January 17, 2010

Morning Sickness Sucks... but its TOTALLY worth it!

6 weeks today and feeling sick, which is a great, great sign. Breast tenderness, major fatigue and trouble sleeping are all a bunch of fun! We are super excited and have our first appointment on Wednesday. We aren't telling the big wide world until February, but I thought since at least we made it past the time frame when we lost our first pregnancy, and I'm feeling so terrible (which is awesome), I should share it with you guys. Love you all and we are so excited. If we go to term our due date will be Sept 12th. Yay!


  1. my heart is smiling :) i am so so so happy for you 3! keep us posted, you KNOW we wanna hear all about it!


  2. OOOOOOh wonderful picture!!! I am so happy for you! 9 months of excitement on the way!!!!