Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holidays with the Schmalbachs

Well the holidays were great all around! Steph, Scott and I stayed in and had movie marathons and such all through Christmas Eve, had some great home cooking and opened presents together on Christmas morning. I helped Steph sew her own stocking that matched ours, so that for Christmases to come she will have her own. We went for cocktails to a family friends and saw the Schmalbachs also.
We then headed up to the Bay Area to see Scott's family, have a Christmas party with them and then we saw the Puccinelli's for a bit. Zach has gotten so big already! After that, we came home for a day and then headed down to San Diego to stay with the Schmalbachs. We had a great time as usual! Shopping and eating and playing with Sydney. We played the game "Things" to keep us up on New Year's Eve and were all laughing 'til we cried!
The next morning, Sydney spent a lot of effort trying to get "Scott Thomas" out of bed, it was so cute! She had all her stuffed animals on the bed and was rolling around, climbing on him and talking to him. They had become great friends this trip.

From there, we drove out to Vegas!

1 comment:

  1. how fun! the beach to the bay back to the beach and then the desert! now thats a holiday!

    and how cute is the "Scott Thomas" wake up committee!?!

    miss you and hope to see you soon!