Saturday, January 9, 2010


Vegas was so much fun! It was my first time there and I was loving all the sights. New York New York and Paris, and the Bellagio... the Luxor! Just so many interesting buildings and designs! And I still can't believe the electric bills these places must pay... insane. We had a great view from our room at the Mirage, and were gaping out the window for the first hour!

We immediately went for a walk down the strip, stopping first to see the volcano show outside our hotel, then on to the water fountains at the Bellagio... (and I got to drool in the windows of Chanel and Dior... yum...) and we had drinks in our room and enjoyed the scenery.

The next day we went to see the Secret Garden at the Mirage, which is basically a dolphin area and a garden with tigers and lions. There were underwater tanks where we could get really               close to the dolphins, it was amazing. They also had some white tiger cubs that were adorable, about six months old.

That night we went out to a nice romantic dinner together downstairs at Kokomo's and just enjoyed our quiet, married version of a Vegas vacation. I was really close to the end of my cycle, and as the weekend wore on, I could no longer kick back wine and cocktails with Scott... but we still had fun!

The next day, Scott did some golfing and I relaxed and watched trash television. Wow, the depths I will sink to when no one is around and I have nothing else to do and limited channels, hahaha! When he came home we had a quick dinner and got fancy for my surprise show. It turned out he was taking me to the Beatles "Love" Cirque de Soleil! It was incredible! A great mix of hits and obscure songs, beautiful, beautiful costumes and props, and incredible acrobatics and dancing. My jaw was on the floor when the beautiful ladies hanging from ropes began to climb them using their toes... I can't even conceive of that...

The next day we headed home happy and had a very smooth drive and a wonderful time together. YAY VEGAS!

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  1. woooo hooo! what a fun trip! i have been only once with jason about 5 years ago....we need another trip to redeem some of the events from the fist one, i think a visit to "LOVE" would do the trick :)

    when are you headed our way again?!