Tuesday, April 20, 2010

19 Week Ultrasound!

Okay here he is! We decided to go to a place in town that records the whole thing to DVD... I remember Krystal's ultrasound for Noah, she had this amazing profile shot of him, moving and kicking- completely took my breath away. Alas, not so much. We have a DVD of the doctor clicking around and taking measurements. Yay. Oh well, at least we have that. So we met my sister at this place, and sat out on the curb waiting for them to come back from lunch. Auntie loaned me some sips of coffee to give Ben a little energy. He was sucking his thumb pretty much the whole time (its a developmental milestone, actually, he is practicing the skills he will need to eat when he arrives). But Steph teased Scott that he would need to start saving up for braces if Ben was going to be a thumb sucker. You can see him here with his little thumb just popped out and on standby in case he wants it again.   
Here is his little foot! The doctor said that all his measurements were right on for dates (we saw them all pop up on screen, too, and they were all right at 19 or 20 weeks, most almost perfectly to the day). He even used the word "perfect". We have also gotten our results back from the Downs and Spina Bifida tests and those were normal, too.
Here is the confirmation shot! He is a boy!
So I sent these to the family, and Evon (Scotts mom) emails me saying she can't quite get what the pictures are supposed to be of. Shes not alone, of course. So I had a ton of fun photoshopping them to give her more of an idea of the main events. The top photo was to give her an idea of the placement in my belly... so she can see where he is kicking me.... technically at the time he was smaller than that.
This last one is the hardest to describe, or even really outline... especially since really we shouldn't be able to see through things, but we can with ultrasound. I think his right leg is bent and may be partially in front of the shot, but we can't see it... so... weird. But I get it. If you turned the whole picture about 90 clockwise, it would be the classic diaper change angle. :) Hope that helps.
Everyone that has had a recent ultrasound can probably figure it out... Heres us waiting on the curb (photo documentation for Grandparent benefit)
Taking pictures and video while we wait for the doctor.... SO excited, can you see it?
This is the cheesy poster that Steph HAD to get up and get pictures of. The ambiance it provided was considerable...
The doctor did turn on the sound and let us hear the heartbeat... wow. I didn't think it would be that moving, but it really was. I teared up, and Steph even heard an "awww..." from Scott.. that she says he will probably deny.
Check out Scott's super skeptical look.... he almost walked over and tried to give himself and ultrasound to prove that there was also a baby in his belly.
Okay! All cleaned up, have our overrated (but free) DVD, and ready to go!

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