Sunday, May 2, 2010

20 Weeks

Halfway there! Steph found out she got into San Diego State for her Master's degree in Social Science so we have been celebrating that! Woo hoo!
Eating: I have been able to eat a lot more normal things. Protein, like eggs and meat, have been the biggest improvement. I'm still craving waffles and avocados, and drinking some caffeine (not regularly).
Morning Sickness: Gone. Sometimes when he is squirming or my hormone levels seem to skyrocket I will feel a little queasy.
Energy: Much better. I went for a nice brisk walk with my friend Amber and that felt great. I didn't crash afterwards. I can pop up in the mornings more often now. I can stay up later and I have been sleeping better.
Weight: 134, gained another pound!
Belly: Big and round prego belly as far as I can tell. My young single friends tell me its big, my friends who have been pregnant tell me its small. Ha.
Things I Did: This week we went to Kelly and Alan's and Kelly helped me do some registering at Babies R Us. I got to use the gun and everything! I had such a great time, I didn't really stick to a theme, I just clicked on things I liked. Plus the must-haves, of course. We went to IKEA and picked up a new dining room table and a new dresser/changing table for the nursery. I am nesting like crazy so when we got home I jumped out of the car and immediately unloaded and began tearing into the boxes. Scott was in shock "who are you?" We spent four or five hours putting those together before succumbing to exhaustion. The other dresser and the crib are still out in the garage, sanded and ready to be painted. And we got an adorable rug with roads on it so someday we can get down and play cars. Zach has one just like it and it was a great size for the room. So... very busy week but I love seeing the nursery come together! The only thing is that all the stuff we had hidden in that room is now down in the living room to be sorted. I've already made like three trips to Goodwill, and I can sense another one coming on...
(They were out of chairs, we will have to get those a little later on) The table doesn't look that big but it comes with two leaves and seats 6-10!

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