Thursday, April 15, 2010

19 Weeks... I felt him kick today!!

Unbelievable! At first it felt like he was squirming around. I was chatting with Mimi online and I stopped and tried not to breathe. It was exactly what I expected to feel, but at the same time I've never felt anything like it. When it stopped I started to think I had gone crazy. Then a little later there was a volley of bumps- like kicks. I was amazed, thrilled, panicked, everything. But I knew what I was feeling. So incredible. I calmed down when it stopped but now I wish it would start again!

Eating: I think its getting better. I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and getting a little better about evening out my diet as of the last couple days. Although I reeeeaaaallly love waffles.
Morning Sickness: Yesterday I was unusually ill, but typically I am great!
Energy: Getting better. I still take 2-3 hr naps about twice a week but I think its because my old go-to sources of protein are not appealing to me right now- like eggs and meat. To get protein I generally turn to beans and cheese, and that usually brings on too much carbs and sugar. Today I had some meat and rice and I already feel a pick up in energy.
Weight: 133
Belly: Round. Still gets bigger at night but its not that small in the morning...
Things I Did: Emily was in town last weekend! We had a great time. I was able to spend a lot of time with the girls and it was fabulous. Tonight we are headed down to San Diego to spend the weekend with the Schmalbachs. We are really excited about that, I will try to get some belly pics with Heather (we are due one week apart).
We got a brand new bed- a huge cherry wood California king. I was reluctant to give up my beautiful black queen bed, but this one is gorgeous and was free! (Our Lockheed friends Wayne and Lisa are moving some things around and needed to unload it fast). We moved our black one into the soon-to-be nursery. We called Lisa to ask if she had needed specifically labeled bedding for the California king, or if just regular king sheets were supposed to fit. She teasingly told Scott that they needed to be special sheets, but that we may be having trouble because sometimes they were only labeled "Cal. King" . We had a good laugh when he responded with, thank you, but he was very familiar with commonly used abbreviations for "California".
I really, really love the bed. We do have a lot more room, which was just on time- I started sleeping with Scott's body pillow that he had bought back in college, and good-bye back aches!!

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