Monday, April 12, 2010

18 Weeks!

I'm starting to fall behind! The weeks are definitely passing faster and faster (which is excellent!!)
Eating: I still don't get very excited about what to eat. I just keep trying to do it. However, I am currently craving fries and love each kind equally. YUM.
Morning Sickness: Pretty much gone. Scott, the sweetheart that he is, still brings me breakfast in the morning, and I try to get up slowly, but that usually does the trick and I'm set! If I try to do too much during the day I get that all-over yucky feeling like I'm getting the flu.
Energy: Much better. I am still not where I would like to be (I want about two weeks of cleaning-the-floor type days!) but I can stay awake and go out and do things without crashing. Right now we are moving the house around and poor Scott has had to do 99% of the work. I would love to just be able to move things with my mind... right now that would be my super power of choice...
Weight: 132
Belly: In the morning smaller, in the evening big and round prego belly.
Things I Did: Went down to LA with Steph and visited with my Nana and my aunt Linda. That was a blast! Got a pedicure with my friend Stephanie (I think that was last week). I got together with Amber and got to see her husband and daughter Charlotte (she is pregnant with baby #2!) The weather was great and I got to enjoy some sun. And enjoy being pregnant and showing it off! Ooo I also bought brand new maternity jeans and they are incredible!

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