Monday, June 14, 2010

27 Weeks

Steph graduated from Cal Poly!!! It was a very fun day. The weather was fabulous, the food was fabulous, and we got to spend a long day relaxing at Steph's house with friends, making toasts in their honor. I am so, so proud of her. Under unbelievable pressure and stress in her personal life, she pushed through the GRE, application process, and senior project to graduate cum laude, with two minors, and an acceptance to graduate school. She has stuffed many years of growth into just ten months, and in my opinion, can clearly accomplish anything.

I did my glucose test on Friday. It was really easy, no big deal. I didn't mind drinking the stuff, but wow, 50 grams of liquid sugar made me feel drunk. I was lightheaded sitting in the lab chair waiting for my blood to be drawn. Wooo what a ride. Then I occillated between a light headache, stomach ache and dizziness for a couple hours. My body is definitely not used to that much sugar!
Eating: The same, no real change. Just eating as I normally do, although I have been working in a ton more fruit this week after an especially large grocery trip. This is the week of heart burn! I just can't seem to get rid of it. And acid reflux burns my throat, and then I forget about it. So then later on when I eat something like a piece of tomato, I feel like its suddenly on fire.
Energy: Great! I've been getting up with Scott around seven and throwing together his lunch before he leaves, and getting out of the house around nine thirty the last couple of days and I've been handling it well. If I don't come home for a mid-day rest, however, I feel really lousy the next day. I am so blessed that I don't have a job right now!
Weight: 141, here we go again. Gaining and losing three pounds every other week, now?
Belly: Still big. I've been catching drips on it, seeing marks on it in the mirror that I had no idea were there, and running it into people. Its definitely large. In the middle of the night Scott still thinks he can roll backwards and lean on me like he used to do. This morning I had to explain again why the belly is not a body pillow: This here? This is where my stomach is. All this is the baby (he kicks me when you lay on him). And all of my organs feel like they are in the wrong spots. You can't lay on it.   :) He just likes to cuddle. Also, even when I am sitting up straight, my back still hurts. And the belly blocks some of the stretches I really, really want to do!
Sleep: Eh. I got sick of sleeping with a body pillow so I went without for a little while. My back started hurting more often, so its back in again. I have been having to get up a lot at night. Other than that, its been fine.
Things I Did: I went to the beach with Bond last weekend, and even went down to the water in my bikini, waggling my big belly back and forth for an extremely big crowd at Pismo Beach. It felt great to lay in the sun, but the sand felt hard as a rock! Thursday night was my friend Amy's birthday, and we went to get foot massages with a small group, and then sushi at Yanagi's. It was so fun. And those foot massages are amazing.I am looking forward to some rest time, and helping the house recover from graduation, before another rollercoaster of events starts up!


  1. i have fallen WAAAAAAY behind in the blog department. i just read the last 5 posts and they all made me smile!

    mary you are adorable and i am so envious of the second trimester energy boost.

    i cant wait to see you and talk to little ben :)

  2. ps- your blog looks great! what did you do?

    i am so so so so so behind in the blog department and gearing up to start writing again. i am offically out of "free" photo space though and need to figure something out. i also think my blog needs a face lift!

    now its your turn to share the details!