Friday, June 18, 2010

28 Weeks

Eating: I looooove ice cream. Suddenly, I love it a lot.
Energy: Great! Great, great, great.
Weight: 142
Belly: Big and round.
Sleep: It's alright. Turning over, with the belly, is a challenge. Kind of a big pain.
Things I Did: Recovering from the graduation festivities, Steph and I went shopping this week. That was awesome. I just love walking around downtown SLO in the summer. We got a stroller delivered yesterday! Wooo! Its a Baby Trend Jogger Expedition, a three wheeler. We put it together right away and love it. Scott has been working with Wayne and Lisa for almost five years now, and just loves them. It was a gift from them, and a huge wonderful surprise. I parked it in the living room so I can gaze at it for a few weeks. Our doctor's appointment went great, no problems. I am really excited about our baby shower next weekend, it will be so great to see the family. I can't wait to have Ben here with us, too. Just under three months to go!

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