Saturday, July 3, 2010

30 Weeks

Can't... BREEEATHE!! Ben is taking up valuable lung real estate. Suffocating in my own body!

Eating: Lots of fiber, which is helpful, and I have found my talent for quickly inhaling large amounts of ice cream is done and gone. I can't fit it in my tummy anymore, and then afterward I feel like I stuck gum in my gears. That pretty much goes for any large amounts of sugar. And anything worth eating gives me heartburn, anyway. Even bread and avocados! Bummer.
Energy: Suuuper tired, heavy breathing and I can hardly get across the room without needing to lie down, lol. Its pretty embarrassing. Hopefully my last ten weeks won't all be like this.
Weight: 145 and climbing as we speak, I'm sure.
Belly: My piercing is perfectly happy now. I keep a bandaid over it so it won't catch on anything, but everything is good as long as I agree to return to our old deal of live and let live. I got two very faint stretch marks, which you can't see at all really, but I consider them badges of honor. This is only the beginning I'm sure.
Sleep: I sleep for longer stretches (10+ hrs) but sleep is probably a strong term. I'm sometimes just laying there awake for an hour and a half at times... but that Snoogle is a lifesaver. I wish I had one on each side. Turning just my belly over to my other side is already a 2 minute comedy sketch, not to mention trying to drag the Snoogle along under the sheet and blanket... picture a fish flopping around on land. My coordination isn't the best. I have been very pleased with our new bigger bed for awhile now, but in the very recent past its become completely impossible to sleep on anything smaller. So spoiled.
Things I Did: We had a couples shower for the locals and invited some friends from down south, so we had the Schmalbachs and Emily and Kirby in town all weekend! Heaven!! It was a complete blast. Our hosts, Kevin and Amy, were incredible. Their place is just beautiful and they are the most warm and charming people, we are so lucky to have them. Steph, Emily, Hannah and Bond did all the set up and clean up, with Scott helping, too. I was very spoiled and enjoyed myself to the max. It was so great to see all of our friends, and in such a mellow atmosphere. We played Bocce and chatted, and Kevin and Amy got us a cake from the Madonna Inn. If you haven't tried one you haven't lived. I may overdose on that cake before the weekend is over. It was another perfect day with all the great people that love Ben already. He is a very lucky kid.

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