Sunday, August 8, 2010

35 Weeks- Decorating!

I still want to add fabric curtains and an inside valance
to hide that top shelf... someday when I get to
 the fabric store...
Preparing for Ben! I have been really enjoying myself this week. I am really comfortable now that I'm not traveling so much. I can't do too much walking, but a little bit is good. This weekend has been wonderful, Scott helped me hang some things in the nursery, and we just spent some quality time together. My weight is back up to 150, and when I saw Dr. Safarik he said everything was looking fine. Ben is head down and the doctor is pretty sure he will stay in that position. If he comes after August 19th, we will be going to French hospital, unless they are full.

We had a Baby Basics class on Thursday, and we got some whooping cough vaccines, per our doctor's request. Nothing much to report from class, although Scott says he learned a lot, and has proclaimed himself the swaddling expert.
Chubba has decided the dining room chairs
all belong to her- so even when we drag one
upstairs to use as a stool- she follows and
periodically cuddles with it.


  1. sooooooo cute! you should come over and decorate for me! i am truely jealous of all your time....what i wouldn't give for a day of scrapping :)