Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Reveal of Some Gorgeous Maternity Photos

Okay, here they are! Dan Shaw's beautiful photo shoot. Click here if you would like to order: Dan Shaw Photography. Username and password are Thomas and Maternity.

We did these almost two weeks ago, and it was really fun, we love spending time with Dan, not to mention getting a pack of professional photos out of it! True to legend, after the shoot, Dan took off on some trips to Napa and Barcelona (he works as a cycling tour guide for a high end travel company). Oh, Dan, if you just hung around my life all day, my blog would look as awesome as my blog hero, who you can check out here, if you like. Well, maybe minus the luxury knits and flawless crafts and baking, but I have room to grow.

So, as promised (to myself), a list of things I love about my life, in true Kelle Hampton style:

I love the way the guys from Rayne tear in and out of my cul de sac/garage like the fate of the world depends on bringing me soft water.

I love Al-Anon, my kind, supportive and beautiful sponsors, and the doors it opened for me.
I love our huge bed at night. I love the way Skinny puts her little chin on my arm or her paw in my hand when we curl up to go to sleep. I love knowing that cuddling with Ben will be a trillion times better. I love laying in the dark, listening to Scott breathing (and sometimes snoring… Fatso also snores, but they haven’t become a chorus yet- really excited for that day). I love the sounds of the fan and the small noises outside. I love how we can have all the windows open all through the winter and stay cozy underneath my beautiful silk Pottery Barn bedding. I don't splurge on very much, but in my opinion, your bed is the thing to splurge on. I love that any time of night, if I nudge Scott, he will cuddle closer without waking. I love that when I come back from the bathroom and want him to turn over I just have to whisper "I'm the big spoon". Its the perfect hour for prayer, because its so easy to think of all that I am thankful for, just in that feeling of being tucked up next to Scott and the kitties in the quietness that is our town. Always feeling safe, warm and loved.

I love that something in our living room makes an inexplicable sound. For awhile, it sounded like a long lost cell phone, buried somewhere under a piece of furniture, that would vibrate at random. Steph and I scoured the place for it, only to find out weeks later that it was Scott's industrial grade Blackberry vibrating on the bedside table upstairs...(!!).... Now there's something new that sounds like a facebook chat- a little "pop", like one huge drip from a leaky faucet. Zero explanations so far.

I love the exciting, panicky, disgusting, exhilirating, painful experience of pregnancy. I would have gone without it if I had to. I would have accepted adoption as our path to parenthood and embraced my never-been-cohabited-body if that had been the case. However, it did arrive, and although yesterday and today have had their excruciating and icky moments (I'll spare you, don't worry), I do savor this. Especially when I pull together the energy to get my hair done and smile for Dan... because then pregnancy feels beautiful.


  1. I loved reading this! Made me smile=).

  2. :) thank you for keeping up your blog. it makes me happy to read it. a bit nostalgic too. you are already a great mother.

  3. Haha inexplicable sounds! Not to mention still not knowing why the hell Fatso does that wierd head bow thing...