Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Latch Wars of 2010

Okay so last night went pretty well! Except for the 3am feeding. Apparently he takes after mom, and neither of us is really good at getting along with others in the dead of the night. I had to pump off some excess when he was done, I'm just going to freeze that for the future and keep at this.

We bought a glider and somehow fit it along with everything else into the master bedroom. That glider really does make a huge difference in my comfort level. Each feeding starts with like ten minutes of him screaming and trying to claw my boob with his hands, and if I had eight arms, that wide open mouth would really be perfect. Anyway, he does eventually get a good latch, but wow. Its a struggle. My boobs are scratched up and sore. But aha! I figured out what works way better than my washable breast pads- overnight they get soaked and move around and its a pain. I read somewhere that a folded panty liner works great- so of course I put two in each side and voila! Totally worked, its a miracle. Sigh, my little piranha. We will get it. He did sleep three hours between feedings, just like usual, and that really helped. I feel pretty rested, I'm just going to try to get in a long nap this afternoon, too. Okay, off to try this again...

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  1. I'll be praying that you get this latching down. Hey - your scrapbook pages are a work of art. You are so talented!!
    Love, Karen