Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jumping In

Well, we have been supplementing with pumped milk and a little bit of formula ever since the doctor asked us to do that when he came in underweight and jaundiced at his first appointment. On the one hand, its been great- I get extra sleep when I pump, and Scott and his dad get to feed Ben, which I know they have both enjoyed (Scott enjoys it less at 3am, but still). But on the other hand, even though Ben has been a trooper, he is starting to show more and more trouble latching correctly as time goes on. Ben is almost entirely on breast milk, its just that he gets about a third of his feedings with a bottle, so we have to switch completely to breast feeding. Sounds easy, and I know I am one of millions to have done this, but its hard. The trouble latching turns a 45 minute feeding into an hour and a half, but I know that once we tackle it, it will get better. I really want to do this while I have the help here, but its tough because I know I will be really wrecked and emotional at first. Ben started spitting up yesterday! So now everything smells like spit up. He's officially a normal baby, haha!

Last night around two in the morning, I was pumping, Ben was in his Pack and Play, and Scott was passed out next to me. Suddenly I hear a thump thump thump and I glance over at Scott, who is patting his chest with his hand in a tell-tale rhythm. I say, "Babe?" He wakes up immediately and says "Hm?" I say, "You burping Ben?" He looks down at his chest, I think half expecting to find Ben laying there, and starts to laugh. It was one of those wonderful moments. I love watching Scott become a father. He is even more devoted and dedicated than I thought he would be.

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