Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Weeks and One Day- And Lo and Behold...

It is starting to get better. Phew!! I am feeling better, doing more, and just feeling more up and like myself again. We took Ben over to Steve and Anna's yesterday for Simon's second birthday, just to say hi for about fifteen minutes, but that was his first visit. Today Grandpa and Dad put him in his stroller for the first time and are now on a walk down to get some frozen yogurt for us.

Today Ben wanted to eat every hour on the hour, but just a little snack. Thank goodness my pain is all but gone now. Between feedings, he was wide awake! Scott put together his bouncer and he was pretty pleased with that, and he quietly checked out his toys for a bit, but mostly he wanted to be held, burped and talked to, and he wanted his diaper changed every hour as well. This kid must be about to sleep hard tonight, because I don't think he slept more than maybe two hours until five or six.

I tried putting him in his Moby, which worked out okay, a little loose in places, I will have to have Sarah troubleshoot it with me, but I could tell its going to be great and he will love it once he can stand to be close to me without wanting to eat. It was a little too hot to wear it today anyway.

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  1. Dude...these are AMAZING!!! Did you make the templates yourself? Love it!