Friday, December 10, 2010

Coming Out of Hiding

Okay so Ben is three months now, and the latest news is that he is glued to Mama like white on rice. He was having these awful screaming jags and was completely impossible to soothe. It would usually start when I would try to get him to take a nap- either holding him, putting him in his crib, or in the swing or bouncer, whatever. Once he would get going, nothing I could do would calm him down. He even lost his little voice from screaming! It was terrible and had me in tears and counting slowly to 20 on more than one occasion. I thought maybe I wasn't getting him out enough, because with a good enough major distraction (Paula Deen's cooking show, or standing on our driveway bouncing) sometimes he would quiet down for a few minutes at a time. So I tried taking him for walks or to people's houses, but it didn't seem to improve his mood on the whole. Sometimes he would cry the whole time, sometimes not.

Then I went to my friend Virginia's house for a playdate (she has twins, Ben and Kylie, who are a month older than our Ben) and she has a couple of exercise balls. That did it, I bought one. I also just completely gave up trying to put him down while he is trying to sleep or sleeping. So here I am, with Ben strapped to my chest, bouncing up and down while I write this. And he has been asleep for like an hour like this. I can't get much done like this (except for shopping- he will cry all the way there, but once in the Moby he will be quiet and happy the whole time). I did awkwardly wrap a present and change out some photos in frames, but obviously can't vacuum or take a shower. I really need to shower, but last night I exchanged shower time for more sleep time, and I'm not sorry!

Anyway, now that he sleeps more at naptime, he sleeps better at night. He cries less the more he is close to me and smiles and talks more. So, at least for the near future, I am building some serious leg and back muscles. Here is a smile to brighten your weekend:
Now, wouldn't you do anything to see that everyday?

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  1. No wonder we haven't seen you! My goodness you will have buns of steel when he grows out of this. Just want you to know you are loved, missed and prayed for! Big hugs, Karen