Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Christmas was crazy. Lots of bit-off-more-than-I-ended-up-chewing... but the social circus that I did tip my toe into was just super high quality. Kirby and Emily arrived with my sister about a week before the big day, and Kib and Em stayed for about three days. They were great days. Ben just loved Emily and would spend all this time just gazing at her prettiness. It was love. And Kirby apparently is hysterical. He could be a stand up comic for babies. Ben finally let loose with his first laugh- which was, predictably, more of a quiet little flutter stutter. That kid is one tough sell. Like his Dad, he doesn't quite see the point in displaying emotion on the outside. He has huge smiles in the mornings, but if he's into it, usually the most you will get is some widened eyes. Also predictably, no repeat laughing since. It was the same when he began smiling- he let one beautiful warm smile go, and then we didn't see it again for weeks.

Grandma and Grandpa arrived as Kirby and Emily left, and wow that was awesome. They are such amazing grandparents. They love to spend time with Ben, and not just the easy fun stuff. I try to let them know that they can just enjoy the frosting, they don't really have to do the bouncing and shushing and fussing thing. But they don't listen! They deal with the tears and the screaming and the diaper changes with the same loving awe as the smiles and cuddling. Amazing grandparents. They took Ben in turns with Scott and my sister, and I was able to make a book! I received a Wacom tablet for Christmas this year and I wrote and illustrated "Merry Christmas Monkey" for Kelly's son Zach. Steph and I were talking about the Llama Llama children's books that I love, and Zach and his monkey, and out came a rhyme! Then another! And after forty some-odd hours and one completely numb finger, a book was born. It was intense, but the feeling of exploding with all that creative thinking was exhilirating. It always makes me feel useful and unique when I can produce something like that. And it was all because of the Grandma/Grandpa time that Ben was getting. After that we were able to spend a day with the Schmalbachs, and Ben saw Dean rolling over, and he has to do everything Dean does.

Ben is almost four months old! Just a few more days. His latest mission is to turn over. Yesterday he made it from front to back, but he really wants to do back to front. He gets really upset when he can't do it. He is still obsessed with being bounced on the exercise ball to go down for naps. He still needs to be swaddled and he will take his pacifier when hes tired, but only for a minute usually. He "talks" ALL the time and is getting better at holding his toys, although he can only really hold onto thin rings and washcloths right now. Everyday he is becoming more aware of the world and more fun to play with. This year is going to bring a lot of new things for our little man. We also went out on our first official date on 12/30! It was nice to be out together, but luckily we get a lot of one-on-one time in the evenings after Ben goes to sleep around 7. Last night we spent our evening together taking down all the Christmas decorations.

Usually taking down Christmas really bums me out for awhile, but this year I'm excited. The house was feeling really small and crowded with all the baby things plus the tree and I was feeling a bit claustrophobic. On top of that, one of my best friends is moving from Paso to Arroyo Grande and the new year means she will be settled in her new house and we will be able to get together much more often. Her baby girl is almost ten months old and is so much fun. They will have a little playroom in the front of the house, and when we take the tree down we are setting up a little play area in our living room, too. There are two baby gates parked in our living room in boxes, waiting to be installed, and there is a toy storage bin on its way to our house- to be stuffed with books, stuffed animals and other fun things!

Ben taking a wonderful Emily nap

First Christmas!

First Laugh

Grandma time

Opening some early presents

Grandpa with the burrito baby

with Dean, who DOES smile all the time!

Chrsitmas morning with his stocking

trying so hard to be just like Dean

First Post-Ben Date

Happy New Year!
This one is just super cute....
So the new year means play time with our friends, more learning and growing for Ben and its time for me to start cutting down on sugars and getting more exercise. By the time Spring is here, I am excited to see what our family pictures will look like. Yay for 2011!

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  1. You are the sweetest! 2011 will be full of fun. Love you.