Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Smells Good

I was just taking the garbage out, and noticed the fresh, cold, familiar smell of newness. Cal Poly used to smell like this in the Spring. It is a new-friends, new-opportunities, who-knows-what-cool-stuff-is-gonna-happen smell, and its incredible! New things:
         1. Scott is right now helping our friends Sarah and David move into their super cute house just across the freeway from us. Thrilled!
         2. A routine is beginning to take shape for Ben and I. The little rituals that we do everyday, like a story and a song before napping in the crib... or playing in his high chair in the morning that will eventually turn into breakfast time... I can see them emerging.
         3. Our living room has achieved permanent child play area status. The only thing missing are some safety gates.
         4. Today was Ben's second ride in the stroller without his car seat. It is also his second day of falling asleep by himself without rocking and shushing and bouncing. Lots of crying, but last night he slept better than he has in weeks, and seems uncomfortable when I try to hold him and rock him. It looks like he just needs to do his thing and work it out. The way he used to cry in the first three months would evoke such a palpable anxiety in me that I could never just leave him to it. These days, his cry sounds okay. I don't know how to explain it. Angry, not anxious. He is getting bigger and I know he knows I am here, because his attitude doesn't seem to change even when I do come in and wipe his eyes and give him a pacifier. He just looks at me and keeps crying. I feel good, he sleeps better... its not a radical change, he's just ready to adjust that last bit. Its a new year and he is growing so fast.

We have his two month appointment on Thursday. Can't wait! This last week has made a huge difference. Its just getting easier every month. Thank goodness!!

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