Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ben- Not a Foodie But He Loves Food!

So, Day 5 of solids! He took to the rice cereal like he had been waiting for it all along. I thickened it more with every feeding, and he just ate and ate and ate! At one point I ran out of milk and mushed up some peas for him... Aaaaand that pretty much ended the feeding. After only a few days I added in a dinner feeding, too. His appetite seems to grow exponentially with every meal I add on. I attempted peas again tonight, and while he is incredibly polite about it, he wasn't into it at all. One more attempt and I will move on to something else- squash or carrots or something. It's a joy to feed him. He clasps his hands together and "dances" in his seat, kind of quivering, eyes locked on the spoon until he almost goes cross-eyed. It's adorable.

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