Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Iranian Reader

 I was kidding around about who could possibly be reading from Iran, because I figured that it was some kind of wide web search engine mess up and somehow they got here without realizing it. I reasoned that no one from Iran would want to read the musings of a random American stay at home mom anyway and probably didn't look twice at it.

I was wrong.

Remember how obsessed I am with my stats page?

So just to clarify, I am really happy that you are still reading, you are probably a truly regular, interesting person, and my joking was done with the knowledge that I actually know very little about Iran in reality, and even less about who has access to international blogs like this one. That was the longest sentence ever. Wow.

So welcome, Iranian reader! And please, please tell me who you are! I am insane with curiosity.



PS. The same goes for my readers in Malaysia, Germany, France, Ukraine, Canada, Italy, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Colombia, the Bahamas, and Denmark. Comment! Tell me who you are! I am so thrilled to have you, you have no idea.


  1. Alan says it is probably servers that are checking in for searchable words and cataloging. He could be wrong, you really could have a world wide following. I hope they comment so we know!

  2. Welcome, servers! Leave some 010100111 comments and show some love! Thanks for reading!