Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top Three

Possibilities For The Next Thing Ben Masters:

1. Crawling
 He is doing that rocking thing, and is flailing around on his tummy and kicking his feet.

2. Pulling Up
He just needs me for balance now, he really almost has it.
3. Flying

If he would just flap his arms a little faster, or maybe he just needs to lift his head a bit more.

Signs That Scott is Still Pretty OCD:

1. There are rules for loading the dishwasher.
He should probably make a laminated layout so that we can attach it to the front for guests.
It would look something like this:

2. Even hobbies should be quanitifiable.  What makes a hobby even more fun? Oh, ya. Spreadsheets and graphs. Don't you think? His latest is BrewPal, the app for my iTouch:
image from here

Looks fun, right? Well, maybe to some of you it does. Looks more like a buzzkill than a hobby to the wife.

3. Once something belongs somewhere, it needs to stay there.
Gargantuan clock

He has decided it is illegal to re-arrange. Specifically, the two things I have ever moved are: the paper towel roll and one of the three clocks we have in the living room. Three, people. Three. One of them is gargantuan and hangs over the fireplace. You can figure out the time from anywhere in here. But, still, both of us check the new picture frame for the time before we leave.

Frustrating Baby Things:

1. Baby wipes
They don't wipe anything, more often it just looks like I'm trying to paper mache Ben's little baby butt.
2. Formula
DIS. GUSS. TANG. Lumpy, sticks to everything from the microwave to the floor but avoids water or the inside of the bottle. Smells horrid. On the up side, Ben seems to like it.
3. Bottles.
Making them, and cleaning them, specifically. I have nothing more witty to say on the subject other than this is CONSTANT and BOOBS ARE WAY EASIER!

Random Bonus Funniness:

Scott wrote me a program to title my pictures with the time and date. He named it Autosave. Recently I found a bug that prevents it from working with more than 100 items at a time. Worse, it will randomly choose those items, which makes the result confusing. To make a living, he works on a huge launch program for the Air Force. Thats a simplified way to explain what he does. So, when I came to him with my fix-it needs, he told me I should fill out a bug report. This is how it looked when I was through with it:

what happened: it gave me crap.
what should have happened: it shouldn't have given me crap.
what computer were you using: your mom.
steps to reproduce the problem: try to use it.
recommended severity: threat to national security. code purple.
impact: I got really pissed off.
in short- it will only autosave a limit of 100 items. so I have to split up the photos/videos into two folders and do it twice. I didn't really get pissed off. that part was a lie. And also, the computer I was using had nothing to do with your mom. That was also a lie.
-------I'm nothing if not honest.
Scott is obsessed with Tiger Woods Golf lately and he says the game cheats. I don't understand why that comes as a surprise to him. It is Tiger's game, after all.

We either have mice, or I need to stop handing things to Ben at the grocery store.


  1. Imma have to back him up on the dishwasher thing. I mean it makes sense to get the dishes clean, like my brother used to put large bowls at the bottom and that was really frustrating. But when I lived with my old roommate and her brother, they stopped even loading the dishwasher because i would come behind them and re-arrange it. Good times.

  2. Highly entertaining, as usual. Being me, I'd totally put things in the wrong section of the dishwasher to watch him squirm :)

  3. I burst out laughing reading the randoms. Love it!
    I'm not sure if you are using eco friendly wipes, but I use Gro via biodegradable wipes when we are out and about, so I can toss everything in the cloth diaper bin once we are home. A little soapy feeling, but doesn't leave residue. They are decent with clean up, and least better than paper mache=). Otherwise I use Huggies sensitive, which ROCK and I just try to be careful with the amount I use.
    What formula are you using? I use similac to supplement with breastfeeding, and it actually tastes a lot like my milk, but with a penny taste to it also. I got over the dr. browns bottle very quickly and use playtex drop ins, less gas/burping for us, and VERY easy to use/clean up. Just thought I would share my discoveries since I know you are more new to the formula feeding=).

  4. We are using Pampers wipes because we can order them by the truckload from Amazon. But now I'm not so sure its worth it. Scott says they aren't bad, says Im just a complainer. Are Grovia's expensive? I would still have to toss them separately but thats okay. Okay so Huggies as a back up. We use Costco (seeing a budget theme yet?)and Similac (free samples that just keep comin and comin God Bless 'em!!) I feel like both of them are pretty much the same. the powder is so fine and runs away on ya! But I don't know about the taste, haven't tried. ben says its good. I hear you on the bottles (hate them) but they were free! SO hard to get rid of them! we are penny pinchers (as you guys probably are, too) I'll have to weigh the headache against the cost here pretty soon.

  5. for image processing try picasa by Google. both the Gro Via wipes (from tiny tots that get delivered with the diapers), and the huggies (truckload ala Amazon mom) rule. for some reason we don't get samples in the mail anymore. we got a few from emfamil? but that stuff was nasty.
    we get the similac bucket box at costco. Gavin likes it and like Justine said, it tastes kinda like breast milk (I drink both). :)