Monday, June 6, 2011

Gift Card Giveaway- Show Some Teacha-Luv!

So, ever heard of Donors Choose? Well, basically its a charity system online that connects the donator (you) with a specific classroom project that a teacher has submitted for funding. You can search for a specific school or area, you can find projects that are the closest to completion, or schools that are located in high-poverty areas. I use the site fairly often, and every now and then they send me a $25 gift card to donate however I'd like. This time, they sent me FIVE!

When a project is completed, DonorsChoose purchases the item or items and delivers them to the school. Then the teacher posts photos of the kids using the materials and sends you a thank you letter. I recently chose a school in a high poverty area just outside my community. It was wonderful to think I could reach out and help kids in my own backyard who did not have access to seemingly basic learning tools. Here is the thank you letter I received:

Dear Mary,

We have been using the Weekly Readers on Wednesdays in class to lead powerful discussions on current events. The first set of articles I had the students read came the week of the November elections and it was so more useful to have students read the articles before asking them any questions about the election results.

Each Wednesday my students look forward to learning about events taking place beyond the classroom walls. We have had some interesting results from our discussions. As well they are able to make connections from one current event to another. For example, how violence in the war of drugs effected our political races, is just one of many connections the students are now making.

I continue to look forward to the magazines each week for the rest of the school year to see what impact they have on my students understanding of the world. In order to insure future learning I have been saving a digital copy of each magazine so that I can refer to the events in future years.

Thank you so much for helping my students understand more about the big world in which they reside. Everyone's support means so much to myself and my students.
With gratitude,
Mrs. I.

If you would like a gift card, comment on this post and I will send you the link and code through a facebook message (if we aren't facebook friends, let me know and we will figure it out). If there are more than five I will pick five using one of those fun random number generators... but since my average number of comments is usually three, it seems there for the takin'!

I have no qualms about using any unclaimed cards for myself. It's super fun.

Show some Teacha-Luv!!!


  1. I don't think I get it. They send YOU a gift card which you then DONATE back? Count me in whatever it is :) Sounds cool. I used to be a teacher (well still am if you count teaching your own children!) and I know how awesome it is to have materials you need!

  2. You're totally getting it. I mean, it's from them, but the money goes into a teacher's project, not back to, knowwhatImean? :) Glad you're in!! Its addicting, I tell you. So much... power. For good, of course, ahem...