Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Years Ago...

My sister graduated from highschool.
I was so proud. She has since finished her bachelor's degree and half of her graduate degree. In just five years. Unbelievable.
Five years ago I had the most amazing bachelorette weekend in Lake Tahoe. Epic.

Five years ago we bought our house. We've since redone the front yard, but the rest is still home sweet home.

And five years ago, we got married. It was a very busy and wonderful year, and I think about it all the time...


  1. Ah come on...I want to see a front picture of you two! ;)

  2. hehehe I will definitely post some tomorrow, on our anniversary. But you can see a bunch of them in the big wedding post, too :) Its on the list of popular posts to the right.