Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top Three

Strange thoughts while feeding Ben:

1. So glad we accidentally bought a real wood table. Because Ben likes to chew on it. I hope they also accidentally used a lead-free stain. No seriously, I can't get him to stop trying to eat the table.

2. Scott was opening jar after jar of baby food, when Ben was especially ravenous (and I hadn't cooked), and he commented that he may as well be feeding him one dollar bills. Maybe one dollar bills coated in sweet potato.

3. So this morning I started singing "Forever Young" in my head while I was getting ready to feed Ben. To answer your burning question, I have no idea if it was the original or the remix because I was just singing the chorus over and over again. After breakfast I turned on 30 Rock and they started playing the song- so clearly, I am now psychic. Probably not in a way that is useful.

Actions that have led to my obvious feelings of superior intelligence:

1. Choosing a new carseat with care. This kind of attention to detail is important. It ensures that his next carseat will include a cup holder. However, it does not ensure that the carseat that you had shipped to your house will be able to be installed rear-facing. Extra points if you are informed of this by the police officer attempting to install it in your car. Nice.

2. Choosing age appropriate products for my child. We have a bunch of level one nipples and one level two nipple for Ben. One day it took so long for Ben to drink his bottle that he just plain gave up. Not ever thinking about this we finally looked it up and realized that for his age he should be using a level four. We got about six of them, loaded one up, and he immediately drowned his own eyeball in milk. Hmm. Back to our single #2. We use it for every bottle. I could probably go to the store and buy more.

3. "Home" Making. We have the "water guy" (water softener) and the gardeners (a new and much appreciated addition). They both come on Thursdays. However, we can't figure out which Thursdays are which, and for whom. There is more than one morning I went running down the stairs without so much as throwing a robe on, to unlock the garage door just in time for the water guy. The first month we had the gardeners, we called them, all concerned that they didn't show that day. Their response was... they came last week. Seriously. It's a good thing the biggest thing I have to manage is a house.

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