Friday, February 26, 2010

12 Weeks

I am going to start using this new format that Kelly gave me, it just looks nice and organized. :)

Eating: Less lately. I have very little room in my tummy, and my appetite has been suffering for some reason.
Morning Sickness: Well, haha. I was going to write that its improved, because it has! But, two days ago I was feeling really good and strolled into the kitchen and threw a napkin into the trash. I caught a whiff of dinner from the night before and bam, I was hit with some serious nausea. I thought maybe I could get over it and I started to leave to lay down and had to turn suddenly and run to the sink! I kind of made it... but there was definitely some power behind it and most of it hit the wall. Thank goodness I felt fabulous after I was done dry heaving and could clean it up with no problem. For about twenty minutes I felt great and had a good laugh! Then the nausea settled in for good and I was on the couch for the day. Oh, well.
Energy: Up and down but definitely tired.
Weight: 127lbs (lost 3 overall)
Belly: I am definitely showing. If I wanted to try to hide it, I guess I could, but it hurts to have a waistband over it (brings on nausea) so I have definitely switched to maternity jeans, my bella band, or yoga/sweatpants. Steph and Scott say it feels strange. Different than a normal belly.

Things I Did: I got a pedicure with Juliette, that was so nice. We talked about baby gear and finding out the gender, it was so fun. I went to dinner and a movie (Dear John) with my friend Amy, that was really fun. Last night, Steph and I went to a Colbie Callait concert, it was amazing! She played right here in Arroyo Grande. I saw a few people from past jobs, even Juliette! We waved. And an audience member asked her to play "Capri". I had never heard it before. It was about pregnancy! So special.

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