Friday, March 12, 2010

14 Weeks

Eating: Pretty often, my appetite is coming back, which is great. Craving eggo waffles.
Morning Sickness: Much better, no vomitting this week. A little bit of random nausea, but not too bad.
Energy: Still low, but the last two days its been coming back. I'm sure Scott is relieved!
Weight: Oh, I forgot to weigh myself... here goes...hey 130! Looks like its starting to stay on me!
Belly: Pretty small still, I wore regular stretchy pants last Sunday (buttoned and everything!) and covered it pretty well. But if I wear maternity pants its a lot more obvious.
Things I Did: I went out to celebrate Juliette's 30th birthday! That was nice. I was still pretty sick and paid for it a bit the next day but it was nice to be out. I finally started feeling better yesterday, its amazing. I really hope it lasts!

So many pregnant women around, its great! Sarah is due to deliver any minute, Juliette is due 5 weeks ahead of me, Heather is due 1 week ahead of me, and I have two friends who so far are due right after. Craziness! Its nice to have the company.

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