Friday, March 19, 2010

15 Weeks

So my baby is the size of an apple! It's so strange to think about it kicking and moving. One website said that I could be feeling movements as early as next week! What?!

Eating: Not a great appetite, but I think I am eating better. This week I had a first trimester flashback- got so hungry I woke up at 4am with hunger pains and had to eat some cheerios! And they were stale! Ugh! I just tried really hard not to think about it. I got some water and tried to think about something else so I wouldn't throw up. However, I was laying there awake for about an hour for no good reason at all. Yay.
Morning Sickness: More good days than bad. But still not great. It could hit at any time, in any place and I just have to lay down asap and try to breathe evenly.
Energy: Much better. Not great, but I have had quite a few days where I was out and about for a full day. Huge improvement in my book. I love being outside!!
Weight: 130 still, I gained a couple ounces.
Belly: Just hangin there. Sometimes I will lay in bed and it will fall flat between my hips. Other times it will look super round and big. Magic belly.
Things I Did: I spent last Sunday at the Cliffs listening to music with the girls. We brought a blanket and sat in the perfect sunny weather, looking out at the ocean. They served food and drinks (none for me of course) and we just hung out for about 3 hours. I went grocery shopping, which is a big accomplishment. Today I had coffee with Steph, we walked to lunch, and giggled and chatted all day. We are brainstorming what she wants the baby to call her. She doesn't like "Aunt" or "Auntie", even though she's proud to be the only one. Coming up with ideas was kind of hysterical.
And welcome to heartburn! Poor Kelly she had it so bad when she was pregnant with Zach, it is insane! Like someone has installed a blow torch in my chest, aimed at my throat, and is turning it on and off at random times. I feel like a fire breathing dragon! Plus my ears were swimming in fluid all day today and I read in my weekly update that its really common to feel congested at this point. I am textbook pregnant. This baby wants to hit all the marks I guess.


  1. I would be AMAZED if you feel the baby next week. Usually its second pregnancies that you feel that early. I didn't until about 2 weeks and Zach was not a wussy kicker.

    SOOO Sorry to hear about the heart burn. You're past 14 weeks, and my OB said I could use tums and pecid at that point. Thank God.


  2. sorry to hear about the heart burn :( i had INSANE crazy heartburn my ENTIRE pregnancy and should have bought stock in TUMS. i had bottles in every room, every car, in my purse and on the coffee table! the second noah came out, it ended.