Sunday, March 28, 2010

16 Weeks

Eating: Kind of weird. I don't feel hungry all the time, and I can't think of what I want before I have it in front of me. Hate chicken breast, but love it chopped up in something else (like the wonderful chicken salad Bond made me tonight). Its a love/hate relationship with food that is leaning toward hate right now. The only thing I can think of that I crave is avocados! Which is the size they said my baby is this week haha! The power of suggestion...
Morning Sickness: Much better. I don't think I threw up this week. That was last week, when Elizabeth was here. And the nausea is much better in the morning.
Energy: Well, I think we are headed up. But last Monday I fell asleep like three times during the day and slept right through my Al-Anon meeting! Oops. So, I get tired. But I am getting in some days where I go for hours and keep it up.
Weight: Gained a pound! 131.8
Belly: I feel like it was so huge the day of these pictures and then went down a little bit. Definitely can't suck it in anymore, and it doesn't flatten out all the way when I am on my back. So it is official! I love how round its getting. Yay! Looking less fat and more pregnant!
Things I Did: Okay, well as I am writing this blog I am feeling really happy and upbeat. But I did spend the day with an itty bitty brand new baby, Felicia! Ooo she is so beautiful. Nothing like staring at a tiny little curled up person and listening to their little sounds. That really made my whole week! Plus her mommy Sarah's wonderful company is super high quality. It can make up for a cluster of frustrations.
My downer is the rush of hormones I have been getting lately! Once I get into a mood, its hard to get myself out of it, even though I can hear my mind thinking ridiculous thoughts and I know they're ridiculous, it takes me a great deal longer to calm down and distract myself than usual.
I'm starting to love being pregnant. The heartburn went away, and was replaced by hip and pelvis pain. I have been having some cramping, but I think its ligaments stretching. I mean, look at me! Those ligaments are stretching, for sure. I have an appointment on Tuesday with my OB and we are going to try and see the gender. I can't wait. Its so soon and it feels like forever. Plus I am afraid of getting my hopes up and then the baby won't cooperate or something. But really, really excited to know the gender!!

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  1. am so happy to hear the LOVE is starting to be connected to the word pregnant! it is such an amazing time though it seems to take forever, it is such a short lived miracle. enjoy it, love it, and cherish every moment (except the barfing!)

    do you have a chiropractor you like? massage therapist, or acupuncturist? they all can help relieve the pain and tension from the ligament too!