Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's A Boy!..... probably

Ok we just got back from the doctor's office and he said 85% it's a boy! Which means Benjamin Philip is on his way! Its still sinking in for me, and Scott hasn't even accepted that its an actual baby yet, so he will need some time to catch up. I think its going to really shock him when we go to the hospital and leave with a person!

So we couldn't really get a profile pic with the way he was laying on his side, but here is a little wave :). That is the top of his head on the right, his little hand right by his face, and maybe a foot over there on the left... and the second picture may have caught his little nose.  The top grey section is the placenta. Dr. Safarik says he looks healthy and everything is going as it should. Send in some love for little Ben!


  1. :) A BOY (probably)! love the name and love the pictures. the alien pictures!

    as for scott, and the whole concept of you growing a human, a human that is made up of half you and half scott, may take a long time to accept and even longer to actually connect. for some some dads it takes of few weeks or even months after the baby is home before it all sinks in!!

    i hope hope hope he is able to got to all the u/s appointments, and takes time to talk to the baby, feel the kicks and even do some reading on "daddy-hood"

  2. Yay. Baby Ben. Can't wait to meet you.