Monday, April 5, 2010

17 Weeks

Eating:Well, I still have a bad relationship with food. I'm just not that excited about anything. I eat because I have to, and I eat a lot of fruit. I'm trying to get back into cooking, but the thought of it just makes me want to climb into bed most days!
Morning Sickness: Much better. I have color back in my face, and usually I can count on the plans I have made for the day, which has been a real change.
Energy: Up and down. One day I did the shopping, ran errands, and vacuumed the whole downstairs. Then I proceeded to get down on my hands and knees and wash the floors with a brush. It took me like two hours. I felt great! Then the other half of the week I was taking two hour naps and dreading even climbing into the shower. So, I'm getting there but its full of stops and starts.
Weight: 133! I am definitely starting the gaining process, which is good.
Belly: This weekend I felt huge! Lots of little pains from ligaments stretching. Sometimes I feel like a pulled a groin muscle. Especially in the middle of the night when I roll out of bed to visit the bathroom. My belly is starting to protrude at a right angle straight from my pelvis. Wearing pants is extremely inconvenient. They fall off or feel like they are cutting me in half.
Things I Did: I got together with a lot of friends this week, which felt great! I got involved with a local mothers networking site, which has been really fun and informative. I am hoping to get out to some South County playgroups before the baby comes to get acquainted with some of the other moms in my area. I registered for the baby 101 classes at French Hospital. I was supposed to have a meeting with the diaper service tomorrow, but we will have to reschedule that, they are trying to squeeze in an interested mommy who is about to deliver. I have been trying to refer to my belly as "Ben" to get my mind a little more adjusted. We have our big official ultrasound in a couple of weeks. We decided to go with a local specialist because they will record the whole thing to a DVD so we can watch it over and over!! Mom and Dad Thomas sent us an adorable card. We picked up the crib today from Sarah and David Gabriel and its in the garage waiting to be sanded and painted. We have been selling a ton of stuff on craigslist trying to clear out the guest room to make way. We are also getting a new Cal King bed from Wayne and Lisa, which was a total surprise! Life is good!

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