Sunday, May 2, 2010

21 Weeks

Eating: The same. I am getting a lot more energy from the new sources of protein, that has been a big improvement.
Morning Sickness: Still gone.
Energy: Went down a bit this week, but just from depression, I was back up on my feet by the weekend and ready to get more stuff done! I am sleeping with Kelly's Snoogle... snoodle? hehe and that is very helpful.
Weight: 137. Jumped up 3 pounds! Probably from being out of town for two weekends in a row and being able to eat anything at anytime...but its good, I am glad to be putting on some weight, thats normal.
Belly: Same, big and round. I should start measuring it.
Things I Did: I spent a couple of days with my friend Sarah and her precious baby girl Felicia, so that did a lot to lift my spirits. Scott and I did a lot of work on the other dresser and crib for the baby's room, and those are almost done. The dresser is painted and assembled and up there now and the crib is dry and just needs to be put together. I am really impressed, the paint looks great. And yes, we checked to make sure it was safe for baby. We spent Friday night playing games with Steph and Bond and Saturday morning with them, having blueberry pancakes and watching cartoons. And this weekend we went downtown with the girls!  Alan and Tessa are in town for Wildflower, and they stayed over last night. Tessa is sleeping in and Alan and Scott are down at the golf course right now.

And I also got a new belly ring for all those interested... even though I NEVER show off my belly normally, so no one really knows I have a piercing there... I have become very attached to it over the last eleven years or whatever it is. And if I am going to have a hole there anyway, I should have my ring in it. So I hadn't given it much thought, but suddenly things seemed rather... stretched down there. So I went online and bought a special thingy that will keep my piercing open. Its a little medical and nothing I would normally show off for cosmetic reasons, but whatever. Its serving its purpose.

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