Thursday, May 13, 2010

23 Weeks

Eating: Even when I don't eat that much I get full really fast. I've been cooking again, I'm sure Scott is super grateful. Its been hard for me to drink enough water. I just hate it suddenly.
Energy: I had a great day on Monday, and even got a lot done Wednesday. Today it was like pulling teeth to make myself do anything, but I was bored out of my mind every time I sat down, so it was lose/lose.
Weight: Still 136.
Belly: Ya.... its gettin big. I'm a little afraid of looking like a torpedo at the end, but thats the least of my worries. The weirdness of pregnancy and the strange things happening to my body keep me pretty distracted. I've been getting clumsy, banging myself against things and such, and I get really annoyed when people don't give me enough room on the sidewalk. I just stop and wait rather than bump them.
Sleep: Sleeping has been pretty good. Very vivid dreams, and I have a regular pee time at 3:30 and sometimes 5. Exhausted in the morning but have trouble falling back to sleep. I miss coffee.
Things I Did: Pretty average week. Spent a lot of time with the sister. I did some more sorting and packing work on the pile of stuff we ousted from the baby room. Went shopping with Bond and bought a pretty new purse! Gazed longingly at beautiful wispy blouses while we were there. Juliette and I had a great dinner tonight in SLO and I stopped by to see the girls on my way home. Scott took apart the washer because it ate one of my shirts. Turned out he didn't have to. Really funny in that almost-could-shoot-yourself kind of way. Life as usual. (After he extracted the shirt, he put it on and asked if I still wanted it- had to take some pictures)

5/15: Steph, Bond and Mary-Lynn all felt him kick today. He was really putting on a show for Steph, and she loved it. It feels very strange, to have someone kick your hand from inside. Like a science fiction movie. I have also been experiencing a lot of funny little episodes. Not enough blood to the brain, I guess. A few days ago I thought I had lost an earring, only to find it on my vanity and realize I had never put it in. I was rockin the pirate look, I guess. Yay. Then, this morning, I got myself right in the eye with a squirt of perfume. I'm a little worried about operating heavy machinery...

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